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Rosgeo has completed the summer field season in the Ashinskaya area

AO Chelyabinskgeosyomka (the company is a part of Rosgeo) has completed the research field season planned for summer in the Ashinskaya area.  

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Rosgeo has finished geophysical exploration in the Nechinskaya area of the Magadan Region

AO Severo-Vostochnoye proizvodstvenno-geologicheskoye objedineniye (city of Magadan, which is a part of Rosgeo state parent company) has finished geophysical exploration in the Nechinskaya area in the Tenkinsky District of the Magadan Region.

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Rosgeo performs 3D seismic studies in the North-Kharasaveysky area in the Kara Sea

Rosgeo will perform 3D seismic studies ordered by OOO “Gazprom geologorazvedka” in the North-Kharasaveysky area.

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Rosgeo has confirmed the prospects of discovering the objects with gold-sulfide-quartziferous formation in the Zolotogorskaya area in Chukotka

AO "Severo-Vostochnoye proizvodstvenno-geologicheskoye objedinenie" (city of Magadan, which is a part of Rosgeo state parent company) has completed the studies planned for the third quarter in the Zolotogorskaya area.

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Drilling performed at Karymshinskaya Site in Kamchatka confirmed the gold potential of the facility

North-Eastern Production and Geological Association, JSC (Magadan, a part of Rosgeo state holding) has successfully completed works at Karymshinskaya Site planned for QIII 2018.

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The ROSGEO team ranked second in All-Russian five-a-side football tournament

St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2015

Глубоководное бурение в районе Магеллановых гор в центре Тихого океана

First National Mining Forum

International Conference «Geological Exploration 2014», 13-14 of november

Press-conference on 27 of october 2014

Rosgeologia St. Petersburg specialists present their achievements in 3d geological mapping at Minex Russia 2014

Hydrogeology of PKGE to estimate underground drinking water supply in Leningrad region subsoil

Meeting with applicants of the Geological Faculty of Lomonosov Moscow State University

III Outdoor field academic competition among young geologists of the Central regions of Russia