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Rosgeologia conducts a full range of geological and geophysical operations during geological exploration relating to solid minerals and hydro-carbons.

Rosgeologia experts have huge experience in geological and geophysical surveys in all regions of Russia. The Holding companies created a network of geophysical survey base lines in a number of foreign countries as well, where during more than 50 years the Soviet and Russian companies achieved great success in geological projects implementation.



The companies conduct a full range of marine geological and geophysical operations on shelves and in the World Ocean, 2D and 3D seismic surveys in transit zones, acoustic measurements, soil vapour survey, gravity and magnetic observations, electromagnetic surveys, as well as processing and interpretation of the collected geophysical data.

Deep-sea drilling is a special field of activity for which the Holding companies have developed and are still refining new methodologies and engineering facilities.


SOLID MINERALS ------- 03.

Regional geological-geophysical, geological and surveying operations, as well as geological exploration for solid minerals and ground waters are among the priority spheres of Rosgeologia’s activities. They are being conducted in all promising mineral resource centres in the Russian Federation.

Rosgeologia enjoys unique competences and vast experience of discovering solid minerals and groundwater deposits.


DRILLING ------- 04.

Rosgeologia performs the full cycle of operations on engineering, construction and exploration of any types of wells.

Rosgeologia companies possess more than a half a century experience in well drilling in different rock types and the severest environment both in Russia and abroad.


SCIENCE ------- 05.

Rosgeologia conducts a wide range of research and development, targeted, pilot and production surveys to ensure methodological support to geological exploration and rehabilitation of mineral resources base and also creation and implementation of new equipment.

The research and production companies of the Holding are the key sources of technological innovations, including those capable of implementation of full cycle import substitution investment projects from engineering to production of specific equipment.


Rosgeologia penetrated two potential pay horizons within Gydan oil and gas region.

JSC NPC Nedra has successfully completed Stage II of Gydan stratigraphic Well 130 drilling program. 

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JSC ROSGEO completed geological survey work on a promising area for rare earth metals in the Altai Krai

JSC Gorno-Altayskaya Expedition performed geological survey works of the preparatory stage within Belyashi Area.

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Rosgeologia has estimated the resources of 13 prospective hydrocarbon sites in Krasnodar Krai and Adygeya

The specialists of Krasnodarneftegeofizika JSC have completed delineation of previously omitted deposits in the fields and drilled areas of the unlicensed subsoil fund in Krasnodar Krai and the Republic of Adygeya with a view of their further development. 

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Rosgeologia to analyze petroleum potential of underwater continental margins of Northern Eurasia

Soyuzmorgeo (Gelendzhik, subsidiary of Rosgeologia State Holding Company) will develop a set of 1:10,000,000 sketch maps of tectonics and petroleum potential of underwater continental margins of Northern Eurasia. 

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Rosgeologia is preparing to open a new field season in the potentially gold bearing Pashyiskaya Area, Perm Krai

The personnel of JSC Geokarta-Perm (a subsidiary of Rosgeologia State Holding Company) is ready to open a new field season of 2017 in the Pashyiskaya Area. It will be a site for prospecting for large-volume (Karlin type) ore gold.

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