Генеральный директор Сергей Николаевич Горьков

Gorkov Sergey Nikolayevich

Director General, Chairman of the Board of Rosgeo, Joint-Stock Company


Sergey Gorkov was born on December 1, 1968 in the city of Gui, the Orenburg Region.


He studied at the Moscow Mining Institute from 1986 to 1987.

He did military service from 1987 to 1995.

He graduated from the Academy of the FCS of the Russian Federation with a degree in law in 1994.

He graduated from the G. V. Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics with a degree in economics in 2002.

He is fluent in English.

He had multiple internships and additional training at Dresden Bank (Germany), Schlumberger Company (UK, France), and the International Institute for Management Development (Switzerland), Stanford University (USA).


Professional experience

He held various senior positions at MENATEP Bank from 1994 to 1997.

He held various executive positions at Neftyanaya Kompaniya YUKOS, OJSC; YUKOS, LLC and YUKOS Refining and Marketing, CJSC, including the position of the Vice-President of YUKOS–Moskva, LLC from 1997 to 2005.

He held senior positions at Schlumberger Company in 1999.

He was a member of the Board of Directors of FESCO transport group from 2007 to 2008.

He was the Head of Department, Deputy Chairman of the Board of directors of Sberbank, PJSC from 2008 to 2016.

He was the Chairman of Vneshekonombank from 2016 to 2018.

He was the Deputy Minister of economic development of the Russian Federation from 2018 to 2019.

He has been the Director General, Chairman of the Board of Rosgeo, Joint-Stock Company since April, 2019.

Awards and titles

He was awarded the Medal of the Order for the service to the country of II degree (2010), the Recognition Certificate of the Government of the Russian Federation (2011).

Kurdyukov Dmitry Vladimirovich

First Deputy General Director of Rosgeo, JSC.


Born on June 4, 1971 in the city of Tambov.



P. Tolyatti Leningrad Institute of Engineering and Economics, 1994. Qualification: Engineer-economist, specialty: Economic Informatics and ACS.

Candidate of Economic Sciences, specialty: Economic and Mathematical Methods.

London Business School, GB 2013-2015, specialty: Management and Finance for Bankers.

Stanford University, USA 2013, 2015, specialty: The Future of Banking, Best Foreign Practices.

Finansovaya assotsiatsiya self-regulated organization in 2016, the qualification of a financial market specialist for organizational bidding and clearing activities.

Ten years of teaching at the Finance and Banking Department of St. Petersburg State University of Economics.



1999 – 2003, the Head of Customer Service Department of Uralo-Sibirsky bank, OJSC.

2003 – 2005, the Head of Corporate Business Department, St. Petersburg branch, Bank Moskvi, OJSC.

2005 – 2007, the Deputy Head of the North-West Regional Directorate for Corporate Business of BANK URALSIB, OJSC.

2007 – 2009, the Chairman of the Board of URALSIB-YUG Bank, OJSC, the Head of the Southern Regional Directorate of BANK URALSIB, OJSC.

2009 – 2010, the CEO for corporate and banking business of BANK URALSIB, OJSC.

2010 – 2012, the Advisor to the President, the Chairman of the Volga Bank, Sberbank Rossii, OJSC

2013 – 2017, the Chairman of the North-Western Bank, Sberbank Rossii, PJSC

Since March 2017, the First Deputy Chairman of Vneshekonombank, a member of the Board. A business unit supervision.

From June to December 2018, the Deputy Chairman of Vneshekonombank, work coordination and operational management of Vneshekonombank’s subsidiaries, i.e. GLOBEX Bank and Sviaz-Bank.



He has 23 years of working experience and management in the banking sector. He was the Head of URALSIB-YUG BANK (one of the primary banks in the Southern Federal District), and two of the largest territorial banks of Sberbank Rossii (Volga and North-Western banks). He was responsible for business management in more than 20 regions. He has the team management experience of more than 25 thousand employees. He supervised the organizational transformation, optimization of the branch network and improvement of the business process efficiency. He contributed to the implementation of major investment projects in the regions, including the projects on housing and infrastructure construction, engineering and agriculture.

He received the appreciation from the RF President, the appreciation from the St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly, the Certificate of Honor of Sberbank Rossii, a recognition letter from Sberbank, PJSC.

April 2019, the First Deputy General Director of Rosgeo, JSC.

He is married and has a son and a daughter.



Afanasenkov Alexandr Petrovich

First Deputy General Director - head of production department


Born on February 1, 1954 in the village of Mezhgorye, the Belgorod Region of the Crimea Oblast


Graduated from M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University with a degree in geology of oil and gas fields in 1976, a geologist

Became a Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences in 1987


Professional experience

From 1976 to 1992, an engineer, senior engineer, geologist, Head of the thematic group, senior geologist, Head of the Geological Department in Sevmorgeo Scientific Development and Production Center, the Central-Arctic Exploration Expedition

From 1992 to 1995, the Deputy Chairman of the Oil and Gas Committee of Taimyrgeolkom Company 

From 1995 to 1998, the Head of Administration, Vice-President for Geology and Development Department of YUKOS, OJSC

From 1998 to 1998, the Director of the Geology and Reserve Diversification Directorate of YUKSI, LLC

From 1998 to 2005, the Executive Vice-President, Senior Vice-President for Geology and Subsoil Licensing of YUKOS Expropriation and Production, CJSC

From 2005 to 2007, the First Deputy General Director for Oil and Gas Exploration and Production, Objedinennaya neftyanaya gruppa, LLC

From 2007 to 2007, the First Vice-President for Exploration and Production ,Yukos Refining and Marketing

From 2008 to 2010, the Chief Strategic Development Adviser of Largeo, LLC 

From 2010 to 2019, the Deputy Director General for Science of FSBI All-Russian Research Institute of Oil Geology

Since April 4, 2019 to the present moment, the Deputy General Director, the Head of the Hydrocarbon Raw Material Unit of Rosgeo, JSC


Awards and titles

1998, the 2nd degree medal of the Order of Merit for the Fatherland

1998, an Fuel and Energy Complex Honorable Employee of the Russian Federation

2014, an Honored Geologist of the Russian Federation


Artur Uzyunkoyan

Artur Uzyunkoyan

The Deputy Director General, the Head of geology and science unit


Born on 6 August 1961.


In 1984 graduated from Tomsk Polytechnic University in specialty Mining Geological Engineer

Professional Background

1984-1992: Geologist of Yanskaya geological survey expedition at production geological association Yakutskgeologiya

1992-2000: Team Head, Group Head at State Unitary Mining and Geological Enterprise Yangeologiya

2000-2004: Chief geologist at State Unitary Road Enterprise Verkhne-Indigirskaya Ekspeditsiya

2004-2007: Chief geologist at State Unitary Road Enterprise Vostochno-Yakutskoye

2007-2016: Chief geologist and State Unitary Mining and Geological Enterprise Yakutskgeologiya

Since October 2018, Deputy Director General, Head of geology and science unit, JSC Rosgeologia.

Awards and titles

USSR Outstanding exploration worker

Outstanding exploration worker of Russian Federation, 1997

Honored Prospector of Russia, 2010

Deposit Discoverer, 2012 (gold fields Drazhnoye and Malo-Tarynskoye)

Commemorative token “300 anniversary of mining and geological service of Russia”, 2009

Commemorative token “85 anniversary of goldmining in Yakutya, 2009

Honored geologist of the Sakha Republic (Yakutiya)

Yaroshenko Alexandr Alexandrovich

Deputy General Director, the Director of Anti-Corruption Directorate


He was born on February 25, 1968 in the city of Taganrog



He graduated from the Academy of Federal Counter-Intelligence Service of Russia with a degree in law in 1994


Professional experience

In 1987 – 2012, served in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation 

In 2012 – 2012, the Deputy Head of Economic Security Department of NK Rosneft, JSC

In 2013 – 2016, the Project Director of the International Development Coordination Department of Sberbank, PJSC

In 2016 – 2018, the Senior Vice President, the Head of the Security Service of Vnesheconombank

In 2018 – 2019, the Adviser to the RF Minister of Economic Development (Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation)

From April, 2019 to the present day – the Director of Internal Security of Rosgeo, JSC

Irina Silina

Irina Silina

Deputy Director for Economics and Finance


Born in April 1974.


In 1995, Irina graduated from Plekhanov Russian University of Economics with a major in Finance.

In 2013, she completed her MBA programme at the Higher School of Economics.

Employment Background

Before 2001, Irina held various positions related to the securities and investment management.

2001 – 2013: various positions at the Economic Department, Norilsk Nickel; Deputy Head, International Production Assets Department, Norilsk Nickel

From 2013: Director of the Economics and Finance Department, Acting Deputy Director for Economics and Finance, Rosgeologia

Mikhail Kazantsev

Mikhail Kazantsev

The Deputy General Director and Head of non-production support unit and work with distressed assets


Born in May 1978.


In 2000 graduated from Saint-Petersburg State University with a degree in Jurisprudence.

Professional background

1997-2000: Deputy head of legal division at the Baltic Bar Council

2000-2002: held senior positions at legal divisions of business enterprises.

2002-2003: Head of legal division at the Saint-Petersburg Customs Service.

2004-2005: managed HR and awarding issues at HR Department of the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation.

By Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 113 of 1 February 2014 was given civil service rank of Full State Counsellor of III class.

2005-2016: worked for leading national legal company (since 2010 as Partner).

Since March 2016 appointed Deputy Director, Head of Corporate and Property Affairs Unit at JSC ROSGEO

Since October 2018, Deputy Director General, Head of corporate and legal unit, JSC Rosgeologia.

Epifanov Oleg Dmitrievich

Managing Director of Rosgeo, JSC



He was born in February 1981 in Moscow.



He graduated from the First Moscow Law Institute and the Moscow State Law Academy with a degree in law in 2007.

Professional experience

He worked in the field of law until 2008.

He held several positions in Sberbank of Russia from 2008 to 2015.

He worked in the field of innovative projects from 2015 to 2016.

He worked as the Vice President and Head of the Administration of Internal Affairs in Vneshekonombank from 2016 to 2018.

He was the Advisor to the Minister in the RF Ministry of Economic Development in 2018 – 2019.

He has been the Managing Director of Rosgeo, JSC, since May 20, 2019.


Кабанов Анатолий Анатольевич

Kabanov Anatoly Anatolievich

Director of geophysical works


He was born on January 6, 1971 in the town of Fastov, the Kiev Region, Ukraine


1991 – Kiev Geological Prospecting College of the Ministry of Geology of the USSR, with a specialization in geophysical methods of prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits, Geophysical Technician.

2002 – Tyumen State Oil and Gas University, with a specialization in management, Manager.

2018 – I.M. Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas, Master of business administration (MBA) "Management of oil and gas business. Reserves management."

Professional experience

1990 – 1990, Radio Operator of the 2nd category, Prospecting and Surveying Expedition No. 60 of the Kirov Kirovgeologia Production and Geological Association.

1991 – 1993, Mechanical Technician of the 3rd category of enamel work department, November Geophysical Expedition.

1993 – 1996, Engineer of drilling-and-blasting operations, Geophysicist-Operator of the 2nd category of the Seismic Party, the Uray Department of Tyumenneftegeofizika subsidiary company.

1996 – 2004, Technician-Operator of the 1st category, Geophysicist-Operator of the 2nd category, Geophysicist-Operator of the 1st category, Head of Seismic Team, Seismic Party, Geophysicist of the 1st category of the of the Field Work Development and Monitoring Department, Technical director of Seismic Party No. 18, Senior geophysicist of the Field Works Department, Tyumen subdivision of Tyumenneftegeophysika, OJSC.

2005 – 2009,  Chief specialist of the Seismic Data Quality Department, Deputy Director of the Seismic Survey Department, Head of the Seismic Survey Department, Tyumen Oil Scientific Center, LLC.

2009 – 2013 Project Manager of the Project Department of the Uvat Region, Project Manager of the Seismic Party, Branch of GEOTECH Seismorazvedka, JSC, Tyumenneftegeofizika.

2013– 2016, the Director of the Production Department, Deputy General Director for production, first Deputy General Director, Chief engineer, Tumenskaya servisnaya geofizicheskaya kompaniya, LLC.

May 2016 – November 2018, the Deputy Director of the Geophysical Works Department of Rosgeo, Joint Stock Company.

Since November 2018, the Director of geophysical works of Rosgeo Joint-Stock Company.

Valeriy Pystin

Valeriy Pystin

The Director of Drilling Operations for HC


Born on April 13, 1986 in the Komi Republic


In 2005 graduated from Ukhta mining & oil college with a decree in Oil and gas drilling.

In 2015 graduated from Ukhta State Technical University with a degree in Oil and gas drilling.

Professional Background

In 2008 – 2009 worked as driller assistant (4th category) for development and exploration drilling at LLC Silur drilling company.

In 2009 – 2011 worked as processing engineer, senior engineer at regional drilling engineering service LLC “AlliansBurenie”.

In 2011 - 2013 worked as senior drilling engineer at central drilling engineering service, chief specialist at process engineering service of Usa branch at LLC RN-Burenie.

In 2013 – 2017 held positions of chief process engineer – head of division, deputy director – chief engineer at Ukhta burenie branch of LLC Gazprom burenie.

Since August 2017 - Director of drilling department, Drilling projects director at JSC Rosgeo.

Власов Андрей Витальевич

Andrey Vlasov

Head of operations on solid mineral deposits


He was born on August 19, 1958 in the town of Minusinsk, the Krasnoyarsk Region.


In 1984 he graduated from the M. I. Krasnoyarsk Kalinin Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals with specialization in geological survey, prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits, a mining Engineer-Geologist.

In 2003 he graduated from the Krasnoyarsk State University with specialization in the state and municipal management.

Professional experience

In 1976 – 1978 he served in the Soviet Army.

In 1983–1993 he worked at various capacities and management positions in the Comprehensive Thematic Expedition of Krasnoyarskgeologiya Production Geological Association.

In 1993–1994, Director of KANEMA Scientific Production Center at Krasnoyarskgeologiya State Geological Enterprise.

In 1994–2005, General Director of the TseNS Scientific and Production Company.

In 2005–2010, he held senior positions at the Krasnoyarsk Research Institute of Geology and Mineral Raw Materials State Enterprise

In 2011–2014, General Director of Krasnoyarskgeolsyomka, JSC.

In 2014–2018, the managing Director of Rosgeo Joint-Stock Company.

Since October 2018 – Head of operations on solid mineral deposits of Rosgeo Joint-Stock Company.

Boris Shumskiy

Boris Shumskiy

The Director of offshore projects


Born on November 10, 1968


In 1992 graduated from the St. Petersburg Mining University with a degree in mining engineering and geophysics.

MBA degree in Oil and Gas Management.

Professional background

In 1986 worked as research assistant and laboratory technician at the Baltic shield geophysical research laboratory.

In 1992 – 1994 worked as geophysicist in Joint cameral party.

In 1994 – 2000 held position of inspector at the Department of Foreign Affairs in Gelendzhik.

In 2000 – 2017 held positions of geophysicist, head of Azov party, YMGseis Director, deputy Director General – chief engineer, Director General at SSC FSUGE Yuzhmorgeologiya.

In 2017 appointed Managing Director at JSC Rosgeo.

In 2018 appointed Shelf projects Director at JSC Rosgeo.

Since October 2018, Director of offshore projects.

Sergei Bubenov

Sergei Bubenov

The Director of working with state contracts


Born on January 12, 1972 in the town of Ust-Kamenogorsk.


Graduated from the all-Russian part-time Financial and Economic Institute with a degree in accounting and auditing in 1997.

Professional experience

Worked in various companies as the Deputy Chief Accountant, Expert of Audit Department, Senior Expert, Senior Auditor, Leading Auditor, Senior Manager, Business Director from 1995 to 2003.

Deputy Director General of Metallurgiya: investitsii, tekniko-ekonomicheskie novatsii Company (OOO MIT EN) from 2003 to 2005.

Head of the Budget Planning Department, Deputy Director, Director of the Economy and Finance Department of the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources from 2005 to 2017.

Director of the Investment Policy Department of joint-stock company Rosgeo from 2017 to 2018.

Director of work with state contracts from October 2018.


Honorary Certificate from the Ministry of the RF Natural Resources and Ecology.