ROSGEO recommended to explore 10 potentially hydrocarbon bearing areas in Krasnodar Krai and Rostov Region

Specialists of JSC Krasnodarneftegeofizika accomplished the study under a contract for delineation of prospective sites in Mezozoic-Cainozoic deposits for subsoil blocks licensing in the northern part of Krasnodar Krai and in the southern part of Rostov Region.


ROSGEO has completed a seismic survey in the East Gagarin area

PJSC Permneftegeofizika has completed data acquisition for the purpose of the detailed exploration of the East Gagarin area.


ROSGEO accomplished the first stage of creation of the central laboratory base in the Republic of the Sudan

Modernization of the laboratory is planned to be carried out in two stages. The contract for the first stage implementation was signed in October 2016.


ROSGEO has assessed petroleum potential of prospective Zeya-Bureya area, the Amur Region

JSC Irkutskgeofizika and JSC Irkutsk geophysical sub-division of ROSGEO have assessed petroleum potential of Zeya-Bureya area.


ROSGEO works at improvement of the geological exploration methods

JSC Dalgeofizika in cooperation with FGUP CNIGRI (Centarl Research and Development Geological Exploration Institute of Non-Ferrous and Precious Metals, Moscow) considers the possibility of testing new methods of geological prediction in complex geological conditions of the Sikhote-Alin Ridge.


ROSGEO accomplished exploration of petroleum potential of Yakutia with the stratigraphic well drilling

JSC NPC Nedra (a part of the ROSGEO State Holding Company, Yaroslavl) completed construction of Nizhne-Chona Stratigraphic Well 252 in the north-west of Nepa-Botuoba Oil and Gas Region.


ROSGEO has completed processing of retrospective seismic data on the Bering Sea

Processing of seismic materials is carried out at the DMNG computation center. At Stage One the specialists of the company had to process retrospective seismic data totaling 4,000 Lkm.


ROSGEO accomplished Seismic exploration operations at Tanyp oil field

JSC Permneftegeofizika completed field work for the purpose of additional exploration of the Tanyp oil field.


ROSGEO mapped the diamond potential Podporozhskaya area of the Republic of Karelia and the Leningrad Region

JSC North-West PGO finalized creation of the state geological map sets of 1:200 000 scale of the Podporozhskaya area, and assessed the diamond and other mineral resources potential of the area. 


ROSGEO commences a new field season within the Magellan Seamounts region of the Pacific

The World Ocean Expedition of JSC Yuzhmorgeologiya has started the regular stage of geological prospecting for cobalt-bearing ferromanganese crusts in the Russian exploration region of the Magellan Seamounts.