ROSGEO will conduct field geological surveys to compile hydrogeological maps of the Leningrad Region

JSC Severo-Zapadnoe PGO has concluded a contract with FSBI Gidrospetsgeologiya to conduct field geological surveys of scale 1:200,000 on an area of 987 km2 of the O-35-V sheet, and also acquisition and cameral processing of archive and field materials for the compilation of hydrogeological maps


The enterprise of ROSGEO has started the final stage of work at three geological sites in the Irkutsk region

JSC Irkutskgeofizika has opened the summer field season with prospecting works in areas promising for ore gold and quartz. All sites are located in the Irkutsk region.


Preliminary determination by Rosgeologia of a new site in the Volgograd Region, prospective for potable water

Onshore geophysical survey, drilling of 18 hydro-geological wells, field, hydrogeological, geophysical, topographic, and geodetic works were performed in the course of the project implementation.


Rosgeologia exploring an area in Primorye prospective for tin and gold

JSC Far-East PGO entered into the first contract of a projected series of agreements for regional works in the Far Eastern Federal District, to be made in the new field season.


ROSGEO Proceeds to Final Stage in Monchegorsky Ore District

JSC North-West PGO (Saint-Petersburg enterprise, a part of the ROSGEO state holding) has opened its summer field season within the Monchegorsky Ore District in the Murmansk Region.


ROSGEO Proceeds to Final Stage of Studying Gold Perspective Site in Adygeya

Essentuki-based North-Caucasus PGO, JSC (an arm of ROSGEO Holding) has launched a summer field season in the Dakhovskaya area of the Belorechensky ore cluster.


ROSGEO has completed field seismic survey on the East Pospelovo area, which is prospective for hydrocarbons

PJSC Permneftegeofizika  has completed a field seismic survey in order to conduct prospecting and estimation of oil-bearing areas in the East Pospelovo area.


ROSGEO Launches Summer Field Season at Novopetrovskaya Copper Prospect in Bashkiria

Essentuki-based North-Caucasus PGO, JSC (an arm of Rosgeologia Holding) has launched a summer field season in the Novopetrovskaya area.


ROSGEO Completed Karstolovo Groundwater Evaluation in Leningrad Region

The survey was conducted in the Volosovo district, the central part of the region, the project was designed to improve water supplies to Sosnovy Bor in the Leningrad region and the Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant 2.


ROSGEO develops cooperation with VTB

Since the beginning of this year, VTB has granted the ROSGEO entities the credit funds for the amount of more than 1.4 billion rubles