ROSGEO works at improvement of the geological exploration methods

JSC Dalgeofizika (a part of ROSGEO State Holding Company, Khabarovsk) in cooperation with FGUP CNIGRI (Centarl Research and Development Geological Exploration Institute of Non-Ferrous and Precious Metals, Moscow) considers the possibility of testing new methods of geological prediction in complex geological conditions of the Sikhote-Alin Ridge. For this purpose, the representatives of the Moscow Institute visited the Poniyski area that is currently being surveyed by Dalgeofizika.

“The methodology we are going to test in this area has been earlier proven during prospecting of complex sulfide ores at Altai,” - Vladislav Vasyukov, the leading researcher of the department of precious metals of FGUP CNIGRI says. - “Now we want to verify the processes and methods of prospecting for gold and copper porphyritic ores in the Sikhote-Alin environment, where the ores do not outcrop, and are covered with loose sediments, which give a geologist not chance to check them with a hammer and to see how valuable they are. Our method includes two approaches. The first one is a so called panning/mineralogical analysis of samples from deluvial and eluvial sediments, whereas the second one is a modification of the common metallometric survey including a more detailed and deep study of the sampled sandy-clayey material that is a so-called ion sorbate method. Thus, this year we want to run this work here and to find new methods of ore prospecting in cooperation with Dalgeofizika.

The Poniyski area is located within the Komsomolski District of the Khabarovsk Krai. The geological survey here has been funded from the federal budget for the second consecutive year. Earlier, the specialists of Dalgeofizika already studied the area and verified the potential of discovery of a gold/copper porphyritic deposits. Nowadays within the promising area the geologists from Khabarovsk have managed to verify the presence of one more mineralization zone of a similar composition within the block. The parameters of the delineated ore occurrence are being investigated with the help of trenching and well drilling.

Within the frames of the state contract the specialists of Dalgeofizika have the task to estimate predicted gold and copper P1 resources within the potential ore clusters with industrial parameters, and evaluate P2 resources of already known and newly discovered ore-bearing zones. Currently available P2 gold resources of the Poniyski area total 74 t of gold and 400 Mt of copper.

Nowadays the Poniyski area is attractive not only for scientists,” - Vladimir Boltykhanov, the Chief Geologist of Dalgeofizika comments. - “There is a similar Malmyzh field located comparatively close in the Nanai District of the Khabarovsk Krai, and discovery of a new deposit will considerably increase the potential of the gold/copper production field under construction”.

If the visit of the Moscow scientists to the Poniyski area results in inclusion of this project into the list of the first priority sites, the specialists of FGUP CNIGRI will join the geologists of JSC Dalgeofizika in early summer and will run the study during the entire field season.


Dalgeofizika came into existence in 1951, when Dalnevostochnaya Geofizicheskaya Expeditsiya (the Far-East Geophysical Expedition) was founded in Khabarovsk. The company specialists discovered and prepared for ;development numerous fields of various mineral resources in Khabarovsk Krai, Amur and Jewish Autonomous Region, and in other regions of the East of the country. The firm has completed work which includes more than three million square kilometers of flight lines and gravimetric surveys, more than five million linear meters of well logging, and several thousand square kilometers of surface geophysical and geochemical surveys.