Congratulatory address on the Geologists’ Day from Roman Panov, Director General, CEO of JSC Rosgeologia

Dear Colleagues,

From the bottom of my heart I would like to congratulate you on the Geologists’ Day, our professional holiday!

This is the high-day of strong in spirit, industrious and courageous people, pioneers, whose efforts assure restoration of the mineral resources base, stability of the economic potential and prosperity of the country. The geologists’ work has always been highly appreciated, and this profession is among the most important and respectable ones.

The domestic geological school has been deservedly recognized worldwide for its high professionalism, traditions that are still alive, wide knowledge and experience. Under the present-day challenging conditions, geology is solving geoscientific tasks of paramount importance, as well national-level problems of ensuring continuous functioning of the mineral resources complex of the country. And our holding company plays an essential role in this respect.

Over the last years, the Rosgeologia team, which has united dozens of specialized entities, has substantially contributed to the integrated geological investigation and stable restoration of the mineral resources base of Russia. Currently, the holding company is facing challenges, linked with large-scale scientific researches, prospecting of potential areas for minerals production including the Arctic offshore region, implementation of international projects and introduction of up-to-date technologies. This requires commitment of the whole team, coordinated work, looking for the most efficient and competent solutions, and persistence in their implementation. For sure, Rosgeologia will continue to honorably represent the industry, that is essentially important for the future of our country.

I wish you implementation of all plans! Please accept my best wishes!   May your families enjoy happiness, health and well-being!