Council of young scientists and specialists

Young scientists and specialists council structure and membership

The Council of Young Scientists and Specialists of Rosgeologia is an association established to provide organization, information, methodology, infrastructure support to young scientists and specialists of mineral resources sector of Russia during their educational and research activities.

The Council is aimed at professional development of the young generation and recruitment of young skilled workers. One of its objectives is promotion and implementation in geological organizations of results of young scientists’ and specialists’ research and development activities. In addition, young specialists are involved in the attainment of the main strategic objectives of Rosgeologia related to the mineral resources base rehabilitation and the geological comprehensive study of subsoil on the territory of Russia and its continental shelf, in other countries, in the oceans, the Arctic Region, and the Antarctic.

Furthermore, the Council issues recommendations on and measures for encouragement of young scientists and specialists and supports their professional advancement and enhanced social participation. The Council distributes the grants established by Rosgeologia for implementation of industrial start-ups among the young scientists.