Dedicated training for aspiring specialists

Developing the human capacity of Russia’s geological industry is a priority of the holding company. One major direction of that work is the dedicated training of young specialists of higher education.

Rosgeologia selects prospective students wishing to obtain education in the subjects specific to the holding company and concludes dedicated training contracts with them.

Getting Rosgeologia-assisted education means enrollment in leading establishments of higher education in Russia, including the Russian State Geological Prospecting University (MGRI-RGGRU), Lomonosov State University, Tomsk Polytechnic University, and assured future!

This long-term programme for the provision of dedicated training of specialists with higher education is implemented by the holding company under Russian governmental resolution 1076, dated 27.11.2013, “About the Procedure for the Conclusion and Termination of the Dedicated Admission Contract and the Dedicated Training Contract”.

How to become a candidate for the dedicated training of higher education specialists?

1.    Learn about the planned allocation of Rosgeologia spaces for dedicated training of young specialists in the 2015/2016 academic year here.

2.    Fill in the questionnaire on the site and e-mail it to, writing in the letter subject “Questionnaire of a dedicated training candidate”.

3.    We will analyze the questionnaire and, if the selection procedure is passed, you will be offered to sign a dedicated training contract with Rosgeologia.


Key advantages of dedicated training:

  • A separate enrollment competition at an educational establishment.
  • High achievers (marks “good”, “excellent”) will be eligible for Rosgeologia scholarships.
  • Paid work placement as part of on-the-job and pregraduation training.
  • Upon completing the course at the education establishment employment within the holding company.