Hydro-geological, geo-technical survey and geo-ecological works

ROSGEO carries out full cycle of hydrogeological (from regional hydrogeological operations to groundwater deposits development), geotechnical (from regional geotechnical survey to geotechnical investigation on local sites) and geoecological surveys, including their scientific and methodological support. Rosgeologia executes more than 30% of hydrogeological and geotechnical surveys funded from the federal budget. The subsidiaries of Rosgeologia are capable of geological exploration all over Russia, as well as abroad, at the continental shelf both in Russian in foreign countries.

Hydro-geological, geotechnical survey and geoecological projects include:

  • Study, analysis and appraisal of the geological, hydro-geological, geotechnical and geocryological conditions of the areas;
  • Investigation of the composition, structure and properties of soils and congealed rocks, as well as of geological, geocryological and anthropogenic processes;
  • Creation of hydrodynamic and hydrogeochemical models of underground water resources;
  • Prospecting and exploration for underground water deposits;
  • Pioneering for utilities design and commercial activities;
  • Assessment of the environmental consequences of anthropogenic impact on the terrain, groundwater, etc.

Basic types of Rosgelogia activities:

  • Hydrogeology: hydro-geological surveying, prospecting and assessment of underground water deposits, exploration and development of underground water deposits, underground water monitoring, hydro-geological survey of soil for drainage, excavations drainage, reservoir pressure maintenance, etc.;
  • Geological engineering: geotechnical and geotechnic surveys (including environmental and hydro-meteorological engineering surveys), and monitoring of hazardous geological processes;
  • Geoecological research: geoecological surveying, ecological audit, geoecological monitoring.

Furthermore, on a long-term basis Rosgeologia has been designing and carrying out methodological supervision of all the above operations, as well as performing laboratory, scientific research and development activities.