In performing its activities, Rosgeologia is guided by the principles of information transparency.

The Company discloses information in accordance with the rules and requirements of Russian law.

The website used for the disclosure of information is as follows:

Rosgeologia’s internal documents:

Rosgeo's Charter (Russian)

Amendment No 1 to the Charter

Board of Directors


Rosgeologia’s details:

Full name: Rosgeologia Open Joint-Stock Company
Short name: JSC Rosgeologia
INN / KPP: 7724294887 / 770301001
Settlement account: 40702 810 2 0040 0000143
Bank: VTB Bank
BIC: 044525187
Correspondent account: Correspondent account: 30101 810 7 0000 0000187 with Bank of Russia, Regional Head Office, Transactions Department
OGRN: 1047724014040
Legal address: Building 1, 9/27 Zvenigorodskoye shosse, Moscow, 123022