JSC «Soyuzmorgeo»


Open Join-Stock Company «Soyuzmorgeo» (JSC «Soyuzmorgeo») is a 100% state-owned enterprise focused on offshore geophysical exploration, appraisal of hydrocarbon resources, scientific, informational, and analytical support of oil and gas prospecting. Beside the company headquarters in Gelendzhik, Krasnodar Region, JSC «Soyuzmorgeo» comprises the Research Methodical Expedition in Krasnodar (КОМE) specializing in petroleum exploration within the transit (coastal-offshore) zone and in extremely shallow water (estuaries and marshy banks).

Types of activities: 
  • Compiling of geological and resource analytical summaries, reviews, and generalizations on results of oil and gas exploration in all seas of the Russian Federation on the base of open reports;
  • Analysis of historical costs of offshore exploration
  • Computer-assisted archivation of text and graphic data from the hard copy reports and other documents
  • Development of digital geological – geophysical databases;
  • Digitization of vintage seismic data from paper copies;
  • Reprocessing, interpretation, and reinterpretation of geophysical (seismic) data with wave field analysis and detecting of specific geophysical signs indicating oil-and-gas promising nature of the section;
  • Development of basic geological and petrogeological models for offshore prospective regions and areas (tectonics, structural geology, lithologic-paleogeographical reconstructions, parametric characteristics of offshore prospects);
  • Development of multidimensional digital models of sedimentary basins and hydrocarbon systems  applying a certified application, prognosis of generated, migrated, and accumulated HC volumes, trap saturation with oil and gas;
  • Deterministic and probabilistic evaluation of hypothetical and possible hydrocarbon resources;
  • Evaluation of geological risks at the exploration and appraisal stages;
  • Development of exploration strategies and hydrocarbon potential study programs for regions and individual parts of water bodies, grounding of high-priority tasks and recommendations on study type and scope;
  • Execution of 2D seismic surveys in specific environmental conditions of transition zones (extremely shallow water and estuaries – deltas – flooded areas of sea coasts)


Russia 353461, Gelendzhik, Krasnogvardeyskaya st. 38


Phones: (86141) 5-41-94

E-mail: smg@soyuzmorgeo.ru