JSC "VNIIZarubezhgeologia"

Open Joint-Stock Company All-Russia Scientific Research Institute for the Geology of Foreign Countries (JSC VNIIZARUBEZHGEOLOGIA) has been studying the geology and mineral resources of foreign countries and the World Ocean for more than 50 years.

By applying up-to-date hardware and software and designing its products to suit international market requirements, JSC VNIIZARUBEZHGEOLOGIA has gained recognition at the market of geological consulting services as the provider of:

  • Analytical reviews of the current state and outlook for the future development of mineral resources of foreign countries and the World Ocean;
  • World hydrocarbon and solid mineral resource databases;
  • Integrated economic development programs for frontier areas based on mineral exploration and production;
  • Mineral exploration and development investment projects in the Russian Federation and in foreign countries.

The Institute has accumulated vast graphic and descriptive data on all countries of the world, including:

  • Background data on the country and investment climate estimate;
  • Mineral reserves, production, consumption, imports, and exports;
  • Oil and gas production and mining infrastructure;
  • Geological structure of oil and gas basins, metallogenic provinces and regions;
  • Geological and economic substantiation of mineral exploration and development feasibility.


The Institute owns original methods for:

  • Oil and gas resource estimation;
  • Estimation of oil and gas potentials of tender blocks;
  • Oil and gas production forecast


The Institute has an up-to-date computer center created with the technical assistance of Texaco and USGS, which provides a possibility to digitize cartographic, text and tabular data. The cartographic archive of the Institute contains more than 7000 geological, tectonic, predictive mineragenic, metallogenic, topographic and other maps and atlases at various scales with explanatory notes as well as various general geographic atlases and maps.

Types of activities: 

VNIIZARUBEZHGEOLOGIA provides consulting and expert examination services:

  • Evaluation of oil, gas, metallic and nonmetallic ore, and water reserves and undiscovered resources;
  • Creation of geoinformation systems in the field of natural resources;
  • Selection of the most promising mineral exploration targets in foreign countries;
  • Environmental assessment, revision and evaluation of technogenic product resources;
  • Introduction of resource-saving and environment-friendly technologies;
  • Feasibility studies of investment projects in the sphere of mineral exploration both in Russia and abroad.

Possible forms of cooperation

  • Joint exploration and development of metallic and nonmetallic mineral resources on the basis of new terms of financing (unit investment trusts etc.)
  • Joint financing of projects based on equity participation or otherwise.
  • Geological business based on the preparation and distribution of data packages for investments into mineral and hydrocarbon exploration projects.

117418, Moscow, Novocheremushkinskaya St., 69

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fax: +7(495) 424-63-40

E-mail: admin@vniizg.ru