JSC «Zarubezhgeologia»

JSC Zarubezhgeologia specializes in the study and evaluation of mineral, energy, water, land, and other natural resources, as well as geo-ecological research and projects.

The organization was founded to carry out production, design, and scientific work in the field of geology in foreign countries.Zarubezhgeologia functioned as a general service provider and contractor for the former USSR Ministry of Geology in organizing technical collaboration with partner countries, and in geological research under international agreements. The company was also involved in the supply of materials and equipment, as well as providing Russian specialists for projects abroad.

Over nearly half a century, Zarubezhgeologia has provided technical support for geological prospecting and exploration activities in 60 foreign countries, sending a total of over 30 thousand specialists to those countries. With their direct participation, a large volume of work has been done in geological mapping and prospecting, deep-water drilling for oil and gas, drilling for solid mineral ores, aerial geophysical and ground geophysical research, excavation, etc. The results of these operations are hundreds of mineral deposits discovered and explored — oil, gas, coal, non-ferrous and rare-metal ores, diamonds, gold, bauxites, phosphates, and others. Numerous enterprises in oil and gas, coal, metallurgy, gold and diamond mining industries have been founded on the basis of these deposits.

In fact, Zarubezhgeologia’s work has formed the foundation of the national mineral resource base in many countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

At present, JSC Zarubezhgeologia is in the process of diversifying its operations, conducting study and evaluation not only of mineral resources, but also other natural resources — energy, water, land resources; evaluating their integrated use and conservation; geo-ecological research; projects in which Russian know-how and modern equipment are applied.

Due to close cooperation with numerous high-tech structures and, primarily, firms, institutes, and, enterprises of the Russian military-industrial complex, JSC Zarubezhgeologia offers foreign partners unique and unconventional solutions for the realization of complex projects of natural resource use, as well as specific effective science-intensive technologies and techniques.

In collaboration with specialized organizations which possess cutting edge technologies, JSC Zarubezhgeologia is ready to provide support in the field of technical solutions for the extraction, enrichment, and processing of raw mineral resources, in water management and supply, and in the area of scientific and technological cooperation.


Types of activities: 

Full complex of services in geological prospecting and exploration:

  • construction and supply of industrial, laboratory and other facilities for providing geological exploration work;
  • planning and surveying, office, case, scientific-research and analytical work;
  • consulting, representative, and intermediary services;
  • operational and technical training of local personnel;

Geological mapping work and regional research

  • Geological mapping, additional site appraisal, detailed charting at various scales and compilation of charts from geological, geophysical, and geochemical research techniques and aerial and satellite imagery;
  • specialized geological charting (space geological, geological and mineral) on the basis of satellite imagery and all accessible geological and geophysical information for prompt and economical estimation of territorial potential for a broad range of mineral resources, and for forecasting of specific mineral ores (gold, copper, mercury, lead, complex ores) or oil and gas;
  • high-precision complex aerial geophysical research for geomapping tasks, regional and local forecast of mineral ore deposits (gold, uranium, rare and non-ferrous metals, etc), local forecast of kimberlite bodies, forecast of oil-and-gas-bearing formations;
  • regional geophysical research into oil-bearing and ore regions with the help of modern ground techniques of seismic, electrical, gravity, and magnetic surveys as well as hardware systems with the aim of determining areas with a potential for mineral resource occurrence and launching specialized prospecting operations;
  • multi-purpose geochemical and ecological-geochemical charting for geological, metallogenic forecast, ecological, and agrochemical tasks with the application of original automated data processing systems.

Forecast, prospecting and exploration of deposits

  • Specialized prospecting and geological-economic forecast evaluation of mineral ore deposits based on a rational complex of approaches and techniques — geological-geophysical, geochemical, satellite imaging, and others, in addition to well drilling and surface trenching traverses, taking into account the resolution and information content of the techniques, their speed and cost;
  • oil and gas deposit prospecting, including geological and geophysical work, preparation of oil-and-gas-bearing structures for deep exploratory drilling, prospecting and appraisal well drilling, geophysical research complex for wells and well appraisal with reserve estimates and geological-economic evaluation of deposits;
  • prospecting and exploration for oil and gas via direct detection using original processing of multi-zonal satellite imagery;
  • exploration of ore deposits and non-metal resource deposits with reserve estimates and technical-economic assessment, using the optimal exploration grid for each type of deposit, and effective complexes of approaches and techniques (geological-geophysical, geochemical, mining and drilling, sampling, etc);
  • complex of forecast, prospecting, and exploratory work for placer deposits of noble (gold, platinum-group), rare metals and diamonds on provincial, regional, node, and deposit scale;
  • exploration of oil and gas deposits with modern geophysical method complex and drilling operations;
  • expert forecast evaluation of ore occurrences and deposits, expert work on deposits.

Analysis of mineral raw materials

  • All types of laboratory research and technological experimentation on raw minerals and processed products at a high scientific level with cutting edge techniques, modern precision instrumentation and equipment, and computer processing of results.

Hydrogeology, geological engineering, geo-ecology

  • regional hydrogeological, hydrological, and geological engineering research coupled with geological mapping and as a standalone service for water supply purposes, irrigation, civil and industrial construction;
  • ecological assessment of territories, sites, and enterprises; development of nature conservation measures,
  • analytical research on the basis of a complex of cutting-edge techniques;
  • geological engineering charting for purposes of reclamation and hydrotechnical construction;
  • design of reclamation systems, drainage systems, etc.;
  • engineering and geological provision of ground waters intake operation;
  • drilling of prospecting boreholes for water with necessary complex of geophysical research, drilling and equipment of operational water intake boreholes, pile-hole boring, injection boreholes for strengthening of foundation, walls, etc. 


JSC «Zarubezhgeologia»

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