Marine geology

Rosgeo performs the following:

Comprehensive geophysical surveys to investigate deep-water structure and to evaluate oil and gas prospects of the continental shelf

Seismic prospecting of transition zones (2D, 3D, and 4D seismic surveys)

Monitoring the continental shelf geological environment

Designing equipment and developing techniques to perform geological and geophysical investigation of the world ocean bottom

Searching and exploration for solid minerals (deep-water polymetallic sulphides, cobalt-rich manganese crusts, and ferromanganese nodules) in the world ocean zones

Comprehensive geo-ecological research. Information and analytical support for marine exploration

Geotechnical investigations of the continental shelf.

The key enterprise within Rosgeo specializing in marine work is Sevmorgeo, the leading investigator of shallow water areas in Russia. This organisation participates in large-scale Russian and international projects, including the following: The federal programme for determining the outer limits of the Russian continental shelf in the Arctic Ocean, ü The all-Russian programme “Mineral Resources of the World Ocean, the Arctic, and the Antarctic”, The programme for investigating the country’s deep structure using the regional geotraverse system, Arctic clean-up programme.