Moscow Research Centre for Geoenvironmental Surveys and Subsoil Management (Geocentre - Moscow)

Geocentre - Moscow is the largest integrated geological enterprise in the Central Region of Russia. It was formed by merging two largest institutions of the Russian Ministry of Geology, which are the Moscow Integrated Exploration Expedition and Hydrogeological Expedition. The main objectives of the centre are the replenishment of mineral reserves and resources in the country’s central region and public monitoring of hazardous geological processes and groundwater dynamics. Geocentre - Moscow has a vast experience in performing prospecting and exploration for fresh groundwater used for drinking and household purposes.

The enterprise has its own base of technical means and equipment and geological information data base in the Russian central region. The company employs highly qualified professionals who specialize in regional surveying, prospecting, and exploration for solid minerals, as well as geoenvironmental and geotechnical surveying performed for the purposes of construction and environmental management. Geocentre - Moscow applies comprehensive geological and geophysical methods of subsoil investigation that allow to map geological formations of up to 1.5 km. The holes drilled as part of prospecting and exploration for minerals and geotechnical surveying extend down to 500–600 m and 100 m correspondingly.

Geocentre - Moscow comprises of 18 representative offices operating in the territory of the region. Company’s geological camps are located in Noginsk, Domodedovo, Klimovsk, Maloyaroslavl, Vladimir, and Bryansk. It also has field crews in the Komi Republic and other regions across Russia.

The enterprise’s production divisions have all the equipment to implement geological surveying, prospecting, and exploration at any stages. Technical means of Geocentre - Moscow include over 20 drilling rigs, laboratory and geophysical systems, vehicles and machinery, portable units, and other equipment.

Types of activities: 
  • Geological, hydrogeological, geotechnical, and geoenvironmental surveys
  • Mapping to a scale of 1:1,000,000 and larger in the Central Federal District
  • Geotechnical and geoenvironmental surveys for the construction of buildings and facilities
  • Prospecting, exploration, and geoeconomical revaluation of reserves and resources of solid minerals and groundwater
  • Monitoring of geological environment and water sources
  • Radiological, hydrogeological, and geochemical surveys
  • Geotechnical and geoenvironmental surveys at the areas and sites of subsoil use
  • Evaluation of mineral reserves and resources (including widespread minerals, groundwater, and nonconventional minerals
  • Exploration of deposits aimed at approving commercial categories of reserves and resources and drawing up mining and development projects (open pits, mines, polygons, water supply intakes, etc.).
  • Assessing impact of commercial and production facilities on the geological and natural environment
  • Developing geoenvironmental certificates for sites and areas, deposits of solid minerals and groundwater, basins of small rivers, development and agricultural polygons, and mining sites
  • Developing and implementing subsoil exploration programmes of the federal, regional, and local levels
  • Developing and deploying sustainable and resource saving techniques and technologies, methodological recommendations on mining and mineral processing, removing pollution sources, land reclamation, as well as waste storage and disposal
  • Information and expert services in the field of subsoil management, environmental protection, and replenishment of mineral reserves and resources


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