Nedra Scientific and Engineering Centre

The enterprise’s history dates back to 1966. The Nedra Scientific and Engineering Centre specializes in drilling holes of various purposes in Russia, the CIS, and other foreign countries. Nedra has accumulated a vast experience in developing and using state-of-the-art techniques and technologies to perform deep exploration in various geological, geographical, and weather conditions. It trained highly skilled professionals in the field of drilling and surveying deep and ultradeep holes.

The centre boasts such unique projects as the Kola superdeep borehole, the world’s deepest hole drilled in crystalline rocks (12,262 m); the En-Yakhinskaya superdeep parametric borehole, the deepest hole drilled in sedimentary basins of Russia (8,250 m); parametric holes drilled as part of the parametric drilling programme implemented on the Arctic shelf islands; ultradeep holes completed as part of the comprehensive deep subsoil surveying programme performed on the territory of the former USSR; the International Baikal Drilling Project; Outokumpu No.1 Drilling Project in Finland, and others.

Production capacities and staff potential of the centre provide for a full cycle of high-quality drilling and surveying of deep key, parametric, prospecting, exploratory, and specific holes, including the design and drawing up reports on geological drilling results. Unique scientific and technological base, as well as work experience ensure successful implementation of the most complex drilling projects.

Types of activities: 

The Nedra Scientific and Engineering Centre performs drilling for oil and gas, drilling of bottom sediments accompanied by the continuous core collection, including unconsolidated rocks, for scientific purposes and engineering studies, and prospecting for fresh water.
Full range of well construction and surveying:

  • Full hole drilling
  • Core sampling at a required diameter of both separate intervals and the entire section
  • Geophysical surveys of holes
  • Drill stem and logging cable testing of holes
  • Studying rock materials and formation fluids
  • Processing geological and geophysical information, data interpreting, and computer modelling aimed at forecasting mineral resources
  • Developing factographic and digital data banks
  • Summarizing materials and compiling reports
  • Workover of oil and gas wells
  • Drilling equipment design and engineering
  • Scientific and research, as well as experimental and methodological works in various fields of Earth sciences
  • Mounting geothermal electric power plants (circulating systems with artificial reservoirs in hot dry rocks, deep well heat exchangers, ground heat pumps)
  • Removal, transportation, and disposal of radioactive waste (establishing long-term storages for radioactive and highly toxic waste in large-diameter deep holes)


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