Over the last 5 years Rosgeo localized more than 19 billion tons of conventional fuel of hydrocarbons in the Arctic waters

The official meeting: "Opportunities and risks for the world ocean’s economy: provision of sustainable use of the world ocean’s natural recourses" has been held today at the V International Arctic Forum "Arctic – the territory of dialogue" arranged by Rosgeo, JSC.

"We talk about the risks a lot, but not so much about the opportunities. We must take good care of the environment and think about the development at the same time. We need cooperation on a global scale for exploration, considering modern technologies. The world ocean, as well as space, has not been fully studied, and it is necessary to cooperate with all countries for these purposes," S. Gorkov noted.

According to analysts, the annual global consumption of primary energy resources will increase by 40% up to 18.5 billion tons by 2050. At that, up to 22% of the world's technically produced oil and gas resources are in the Arctic, including up to 13% of the world's undiscovered oil. Russia has a national strategic interest to take part in the exploration of the world ocean, which is stipulated in the existing national marine doctrine. Rosgeo is the major operator of such exploration.

The total amount of hydrocarbon resources localized by the parent company for the last 5 years in the region exceeded 19 billion tons of conventional fuel.

"The development of the resources of the world ocean is the future," said Sergey Gorkov. "We can claim for the role of the leader in future only if we understand this and develop a proper policy of the state in the field of exploration in this area. Today, the country needs a set of state measures to develop the geological study of the Arctic shelf. In this regard, Rosgeo is ready for the most ambitious challenges."


Press service of AO Rosgeo  –   RG-Inform


Rosgeo is a Russian multi-industry geological parent company, which renders a full range of services related to geological exploration, i.e. from areal studies to stratigraphy and subsoil monitoring. The parent company has distinctive competencies, in particular, in the field of marine geology and offshore operations. Rosgeo was founded according to RF President’s Decree No. 957 of July 15, 2011 based upon one of the oldest exploration companies in Russia – Tsentrgeologiya.

The parent company’s enterprises operate in all eight Federal Districts of Russia.

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