Overseas business

ROSGEO endeavors best efforts to apply in the most effective way the knowledge, experience, and geological data accumulated all over the world by the Soviet specialists, and to develop its international projects on this basis.

International projects give the opportunity to compensate for the seasonal geological exploration activities in Russia and to optimize the holding’s contract portfolio.

In view of the great history of the united geological industry of the USSR, cooperation with the CIS countries, their governmental and private structures remains a priority for JSC ROSGEO.

Nowadays ROSGEO has already had a substantial portfolio of international projects. JSC Yuzhmorgreologiya is actively carrying out geological surveys at the Pacific shelf, while Irkutskgeologia has an experience of exploration in the Latin America. NPC NEDRA, JSC Petersburg Complex Geological Expedition and other holding affiliates were involved in international geological projects.

The countries of Africa (Algeria, Egypt, Tanzania, Mauritania, Sudan, Angola, Namibia, Guinea, the RSA, etc.), Latin America (Venezuela, Chile, Peru), Middle East (Iran), Southern Asia (India, Pakistan), South-East Asia (Vietnam, Laos, Mongolia, Indonesia), and others are among the priority areas of international projects development. Intergovernmental agreements have been signed with many of the above countries.

The largest overseas projects that have been completed


Yemen: Shabva Oil Field discovery


Guinea: Discovery and exploration of diamond and high quality bauxites fields which form the core of the country’s mineral resource base


Ethiopia: Discovery and exploration of Lega Dembi gold deposit and Kenticha rare earth metal field, exploration and reserves estimation of Kelub gas condensate field


Morocco: Discovery and increment of reserves of cobalt in the Bu-Asser area


Mali: Discovery, exploration and commissioning of Kalana ore gold field


Mongolia: Discovery and exploration of Erdenetuin-Obo copper/molibdenum field, dozens of coalfields, deposits of fluorspar, gold and uranium


Algeria: Discovery of a mercury-bearing area of a world-wide importance, including the fields of Fendek, Ismail, Mra-Sma, etc.


Mozambique: prospecting and exploration for rare metals, coal, precious stones, exploration of gas fields


Afghanistan: Geological surveying and exploration for mineral resources all over the country


Angola: Geological surveying all over Angola; compilation and publication of geological map and map of minerals resources

Overseas Activities of ROSGEO:

• Representation of the Russian Federation interests in international projects with a geological component.

• Delivery of services related to geological exploration of the foreign countries’ territories.

• Exercise of prospecting activities and estimation of mineral resources of strategic importance and deficiency.

• Delivery of follow-up services and support of current projects of the Russian companies.

• Collaboration with the largest Russian companies in terms of geological exploration in the international markets of developing countries.

Rosgeologia and its subsidiaries have all the necessary internal and international licensing documents relating to quality, health, safety and environmental protection.