Personnel Policy Priorities

  • We value every our worker, his/her knowledge, experience and time
  • We strive to provide equal opportunities to all at the start, in development and improvement of professional qualities and skills
  • We create possibilities for professional and personal growth
  • We strive to establish long-term labor relations with each employee. Their basis is compliance with the requirements of labor legislation and social partnership principles
  • We guarantee competitive salary level, provision of work in the conditions complying with high up-to-date standards, assistance in the maximum implementation of potential and timely acquisition of the required professional competence

 Personnel health and industrial safety

  • The health and safety policies are adopted in ROSGEO
  • ROSGEO improves the labor safety programs on a permanent basis
  • The long-term industrial practice and safety enhancement programs are developed and implemented
  • The key performance indicator (KPI) system in the field of health and safety has been developed and adopted