The enterprise’s history dates back to 1955. The main objective of Primorgeologia is mapping to any scale and prospecting for minerals on the territory of the Primorsky Region. Over the years of company’s operation, Primorgeologia’s specialists discovered about 180 deposits, fields, and prospective sites of various minerals, developed a geological basis for land treatment in the lowland agricultural regions located in the west of the Primorsky Region, and drawn up regional geological maps of several generations.

Primorgeologia cooperates with both private companies (subsoil users) and public customers in the Primorsky Region and the Far East on a highly professional level. Nowadays, Primorgeologia is the only enterprise in the region that is able to perform prospecting, evaluation, and exploration at Rosnedra’s sites. The current priority and most demanded line of activities is exploration for gold, wolfram, tin, and polymetallic ores.

Primorgeologia’s central laboratory is accredited according to the analytical centre accreditation system and has modern equipment enabling to apply classical methods (titration and gravimetric analysis) and make a wide range of physical and chemical measurements.

It is one of the major enterprises in the region furnished with all facilities and equipment necessary to perform any exploration work in the Far East.

Types of activities: 
  • Prospecting and exploration for solid minerals
  • Geological support to geotechnical surveys
  • Mapping
  • Laboratory studies of rocks, ores, subsoil, and water
  • Structural, tectonic, and geoenvironmental surveys, forecast mapping, and justification of geological operations
  • Developing Technical and Economic Justification (TEO) documents and Technical and Economic Reports on the evaluation of deposits
  • Drawing up document packages required to licence water supply intakes and developing project and estimate documents to carry out exploration
  • Core drilling and drilling for water


29/31 Okeansky Prospekt, Vladivostok, 690000


Tel./fax: +7 (4232) 40 79 08