Regional geological exploration, and geophysical and geological surveys

Regional subsoil geological exploration is carried out with the aim of obtaining comprehensive geological information, which constitutes the foundation for systemic geological study of the country in order to:

  • predict subsoil mineral resources;
  • predict hazardous natural processes and phenomena;
  • prudent natural resources management and environment protection;
  • perform studies for agriculture, soil improvement, construction and other industries.

The main types of regional onshore works are as follows:

  • scale-ranked areal geological, hydrogeological, engineering-geological surveying (one sheet, group, complex, additional exploration of previously surveyed areas, deep geological mapping);
  • surface and airborne geophysical surveying, such as, gravity, magnetic, geoelectric, airborne gamma spectrometric;
  • geological, economic, geoeсological research and mapping;
  • monitoring of the geological environment;
  • earthquakes prediction;
  • creation of the state network of geological and geophysical survey base lines, parametric and super-deep wells.

Rosgeologia subsidiaries fulfill regional surveying all over Russia.

Key types of works:

  • Onshore geological surveys of 1:200,000 scale
  • Specific gravimetrical works;
  • Geological and geophysical operations related to earthquake prediction.

Within the framework of the above-mentioned core spheres of activity, ROSGEO companies perform specialized geophysical surveys (magnetic, gravity, geoelectric, gamma spectrometric surveys), space photogeological, airborne photogeological, space-structural, geochemical mapping and other types of specialized geological investigations.

ROSGEO companies comprising the surveying, prospecting and monitoring cluster:

  1. JSC Alexandrovskaya Experimental and Methodological Expedition
  2. JSC Amurgeologia
  3. JSC Buryatgeocentr
  4. JSC Volgageologia
  5. JSC Gorno-Altayskaya Expedition
  6. JSC Geokarta-Perm
  7. JSC Georegion
  8. JSC Central PGO
  9. JSC Gravimetric Expedition No. 3
  10. JSC Zapsibgeolsyomka
  11. JSC Irkutskgeofizika
  12. JSC Kavkazgeologia
  13. JSC Kavkazgeolsyomka
  14. JSC Kamchatgeologia
  15. JSC North-Caucasus PGO
  16. JSC Votemiro Company
  17. JSC Siberian PGO
  18. JSC North-East PGO
  19. JSC North-West PGO
  20. JSC Far-East PGO
  21. JSC Sakhalin Geological Expedition
  22. JSC SeverKvarsSamotsvety
  23. JSC Sevzapgeologia
  24. JSC Sevosgeologorazvedka
  25. JSC Tula NIGP (Research & Exploration Firm)
  26. JSC Chelyabinskgeolsyomka
  27. JSC Chitageologorazvedka
  28. JSC Chitageolsyomka
  29. JSC Yuzhgeologia

* regarding works on solid mineral resources, regional geology and hydrogeology

105 821
linear meter
424 707
cubic metres
Scope of fulfilled surface mining operations