ROSGEO Commences Summer Seismic Field Operations in Perm Krai

PJSC Permneftegeofizika (part of the state-owned ROSGEO Holding) has commenced its summer operations season in Russia’s Perm Krai. From June till October the company will be performing 3D surveys at 5 locations across the region.

In June and July geologists will survey 64.4 sq. km at Churakovskoye Field, following up in July with 10.8 sq. km at Gushchinskoye Field. From June till September, a total of 245.3 sq. km will be surveyed within Uinskaya Area. 3D seismic surveys at Kanabek Block will cover 119 sq. km from August till October. Also planned for October are surveys in Batuyskaya Area covering 40 sq. km. All operations were ordered by private subsoil user companies. Locations listed comprise hydrocarbon prospects.

After completing the summer field operations season the company plans to perform surveys at Vodorazdelnoye Field (November) and in Pavlovskaya Aera (October till December).


Permneftegeofizika - is a fast-developing company having vast experience in geophysical research using state-of-the-art technologies. Since its foundation in 1950, the company has become an active player of the seismic surveys and oilfield geophysics market.