Rosgeo completed the prospecting for platinum group metals in the Murmansk Region

Geologists of JSC North-West PGO (St. Petersburg, the enterprise is part of the ROSGEO state holding) completed the stage of site investigation, geophysical and drilling activities within PGM-promising Poaz Monchegorsk ore district massif in the Murmansk Region. The exploration work is performed from the federal budget resources under the state contract.

- “The geological task for field exploration of this year has been completed”, says the managing director of Rosgeo Oleg Vasin. “We have obtained good results in terms of prospects for platinum metal ores of the Poaz massif marginal zone. The ore horizon bassets in its northeast part, which implies open-cut ore mining. Mining and drilling activities in the north, central and south parts of the massif confirm the mineralization. The dip extent of the ore zone is 4 km, the strike extent is 3 km, and the thickness is 20 to 50 m.

There were magnetic and electrical studies conducted at the Vostochny Vuruchuaivench site, and there was detected a number of electrical anomalies promising for platinum-bearing riff structures.

According to the technical (geological) task, the main result of the project shall be proven and localized inferred resources of platinum group metals and associated components, such as gold, nickel and copper, by Р1+Р2 categories. The study area is 1.1 km2.

This year has already seen a sketch PGM forecast map for the site and a preliminary geochemical background for Poaz and Vostochny Vuruchuaivench sites at a scale of 1:10000.

It is expected to complete the work under the contract in 2020.