Rosgeo discovered 4 mineralized zones with more than 20 tons of gold recourses in the Zabaikalsky Krai

Economically autonomous structural subdivision Chitageologorazvedka, JSC of Sibirskoye proizvodstvenno-geologicheskoye objedinenije, JSC (city of Krasnoyarsk, the company is a part of Rosgeo State Holding) is completing the exploration of the Darasun ore alluvial area at the Zharcha-Talatui site.

The site of 13.3 km2 is located within the Tungokochen District of the Zabaykalsky Krai.

Here, the company conducts the prospecting for ore gold under the state contract signed between the Holding and the Department for Subsoil Use in the Central Siberian District of Rosnedra in 2017. The project is financed from the resources of the federal budget. The project is to be implemented within three years. It should be completed this year.

All field works are to be completed in the third quarter and the final geological report will be prepared in the fourth quarter.

Overall, the 25 linear km of geological traverse will be performed, 37,000 m3 of ditches will be drilled, 12 km linear kilometers of profile geophysical exploration with IP-VES method will be conducted, and 3, 630 of running meters will be drilled during the year of 2019.

Four mineralized zones were discovered during the exploration and it is expected to increase the inferred resources of ore gold by P1 category for no less than 20 tons.


Press service of AO Rosgeo  –   RG-Inform


Rosgeo is a Russian multi-industry geological parent company, which renders a full range of services related to geological exploration, i.e. from areal studies to stratigraphy and subsoil monitoring. The parent company has distinctive competencies, in particular, in the field of marine geology and offshore operations. Rosgeo was founded according to RF President’s Decree No. 957 of July 15, 2011 based upon one of the oldest exploration companies in Russia – Tsentrgeologiya.

The parent company’s enterprises operate in all eight Federal Districts of Russia.


Sibirskoye PGO’s main goal is to make multi-purpose geological maps as the basis for the mineral resource base development in the Krasnoyarsk Krai (including the Republic of Khakassia) and the Republic of Tyva, and also the exploration of all types of minerals. The company has been operating since 1955.