Rosgeo handed over the results of engineering surveys at the BTsKB’s site (the Baikal pulp and paper mill) to the government of the Irkutsk Region

Rosgeo completed engineering survey at the site of the Baikal pulp and paper mill. In the course of the work, they specified the volume and composition of waste, which is now at the test field sites of the facility and to be disposed in the future. The exploration results obtained today on March 21, 2019, were presented by Artem Poltavsky, the Director General of RG-Ekologiya to the government of the Irkutsk Region, which is the customer of the BTsKB’s waste disposal project. A. Poltavsky outlined that the work was completed and handed over in due time, "The exploration results will be useful for the detailed project elaboration. Now, we can begin to develop project documentation because we know the exact waste amount and morphology." Rosgeo is a contractor and has been conducting the exploration on the territory of the former plant since 2018. In the course of engineering surveys it was found out that 12 storage pits contained 5.7 million m3 of waste, 0.7 million m3 of which was slime-water. The projected capacity of the pits was 5.56 million m3.  The data on the physical properties of the sediment in the pits of BTsBK’s test field sites (humidity and density), chemical composition of sediments, slime water, biogas, gas phase, alkaline-containing liquid and sediment were obtained. The results of engineering surveys will be included into the waste disposal project documentation. Currently, pilot works are conducted and technologies to be used in future are tested at the BTsBK’s site day-and-night. The first results showed that the chosen technological solutions allowed to perform the works at low temperatures. It will be possible to solve the problem of waste disposal all year round, which will help to reduce the project implementation terms. As soon as the project is completed and the documentation is approved, agreed and certified, the specialists will begin to eliminate the cumulative damage. The deadline for the work completion will be approved by the inspection.

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Rosgeo is a Russian multi-industry geological parent company, which renders a full range of services related to geological exploration, i.e. from areal studies to stratigraphy and subsoil monitoring. The parent company has distinctive competencies, in particular, in the field of marine geology and offshore operations. Rosgeo was founded according to RF President’s Decree No. 957 of July 15, 2011 based upon one of the oldest exploration companies in Russia – Tsentrgeologiya.

The parent company’s enterprises operate in all eight Federal Districts of Russia.