Rosgeo has mobilized the Professor Logachev research vessel


The mobilization of Professor Logachev parent vessel is completed as a part of the project on comprehensive marine geophysical survey in the Kingdom of Bahrain for Tatweer Petroleum state company, the Bahrain Field Development Company W.L.L. (it is a part of the Bahrain Nogaholding state oil and gas parent company). The preparatory works for the auxiliary fleet re-equipment are conducted.

Currently, the alignment of the issues on obtaining the necessary permits from relevant and control agencies of Bahrain for work performance is being completed.

Marine and land gravity, geochemical and electromagnetic studies have been planned as a part of this project.

         In addition, Rosgeo’s representatives are scheduled to participate in the MEOS-2019 Middle East Oil & Gas Show and Conference, which will be held from 18 to 21 March 2019 in Manama.

Professor Logachev research vessel (AO PMGE is a part of Rosgeo state parent company) left St. Petersburg to operate in the waters of the Kingdom of Bahrain on December 7, 2018.

This project is the result of cooperation with Bahrain partners as a part of the Memorandum of Understanding in the field of geophysical research for oil and gas exploration and production, which was signed between AO Rosgeo and Bahrain Nogaholding state oil and gas parent company in Moscow on September 6, 2016 after the discussions between the RF President Vladimir Putin and the King of Bahrain Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa. 


JSC "Polar Marine Geosurvey Expedition" (PMGRE) was established in 1962. It focuses on integrated geological and geophysical studies of the Arctic Region (offshore and island areas of the Arctic seas), the World Ocean, the Antarctic Region, inland water bodies, and environmental monitoring with application of various methods. PMGRE runs explorations for different kinds of mineral resources, as well as sunken wrecks at continental shelf and in abyssal zones of the World Ocean. One of the key trends of PMGRE activities are offshore seismic surveys. PMGRE participates in various geological engineering and environmental projects and studies run by Russian and foreign entities.

The expedition discovered and explored polymetallic, gold, and tin fields in the Arctic Region, complex polymetallic gold and silver bearing ores and iron-manganese concretion fields in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Multiple data were acquired enabling the solution of fundamental geoscientific problems. PMGRE possesses specially equipped research vessels “Professor Logachev” and “Academician A. Karpinsky” with long-term cruising capacity, based at the port of Saint-Petersburg. PMGRE has on-board and onshore computer centers fitted with up-to-date systems for acquisition, processing and presentation of data including PROMAX-2D system for seismic data processing. Pursuant to Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 82 “On JSC ROSGEO Development” dated February 19, 2015, PMGRE is incorporated by the state holding company.