Rosgeo performed 3D seismic surveys on the UK shelf


Murmansk, Russia, August 22, 2019. Sevmorneftegeofizika, JSC (SMNG, a subsidiary of Rosgeo, JSC) performed 3D seismic surveys at the site in the amount of 1,330 sq. km in the North Sea on the UK shelf under the contract signed with Spectrum Company. The exploration was performed by the Academician Primakov research vessel in June-July 2019. The customer's representative highlighted great professionalism and effective work of the crew and also the conformance of work with the quality standards and requirements for environmental safety and protection existing in the UK.

The Academician Primakov research vessel, which has been operating as a part of the fleet of SMNG, JSC since 2017, is able to tow up to 14 tow streamers, it has a high level of sea endurance and can operate in offshore areas. The vessel is equipped with a modern computer system for onsite processing of primary geophysical data as well as Q-Marine navigating and geophysical complex. The Academician Primakov research vessel conducted the works on the shelf of Morocco and in the Kara Sea during the field seasons of 2017-2018, the results of which confirmed the high performance of the vessel and quality of the obtained geophysical data.