Rosgeo performs a unique digital processing by the river Lena


Tsentralnaya geofizicheskaya expeditsija, JSC (Central Geophysical Expedition) (TSGE, a subsidiary of Rosgeo, JSC) performs the desk processing of materials obtained in the course of MOGT 2D field seismic surveys on the Western banks of the Nepsko-Botuobin Anteclise and the adjacent areas in Eastern Siberia.

The seismic exploration are interesting because it was performed along the bed of the Vitim river (a feeder the river Lena), when the line of registration of seismic waves is located on the shore and the common offset gather is on the vessel in the river area. Such peculiarity imposes higher requirements to the field technology, the choice of the conditions of the common offset gather and also to the supervisor specialist, who must know the peculiarities of the seismic survey on land, the sea (river) and transit zones. 

As a result of onsite data processing, the quality of field information was inspected and assessed and the preliminary seismic sections were obtained. The conditioning initial field data were submitted to TSGE’s specialists for further desk processing.

During the desk processing, it is planned to obtain total and migrated stacked data and depth profiles along the river Vitim, which, together with seismic data obtained on land, will allow to discover large oil and gas targets in the Riphean-Vendian Lower Cambrian terrigenous-carbonate dispositional sequence.


The Central Geophysical Expedition (part of the Russian multidisciplinary geological holding ROSGEO) is a high-performance service company known far beyond the borders of the Russian Federation. Qualified research and technical potential as well as a 50-years practice in seismic and well-logging data processing and interpretation, and in building of field geological models made JSC CGE a recognized leader of digital technologies in oil and gas industry of Russia. JSC CGE adheres to the world practice standards and complies with up-to-date requirements set to service companies, and ensures high quality execution of a full set of geological/geophysical and field surveys. The company was incorporated in 1967 by the Ministry of Oil Industry of the USSR as a scientific and production center predestined to become the leader of geophysics conversion to digital data acquisition and processing.