Rosgeo signed 5 new contracts for marine works


Murmansk, Russia, August 23, 2019. Arctic marine engineering geological expeditions, OJSC (Arctic Marine Engineering and Geological Expeditions) (AMIGE, a subsidiary of Rosgeo, JSC) signed 5 new contracts for engineering and geological exploration in the Baltic, Barents and Kara Seas in the first half of 2019. The works will be performed by the Bavenit, Kimberlit and Kern expedition vessels.

The Kimberlit research vessel, which specializes in drilling of engineering and geological wells and geotechnical works, is currently fulfilling the tasks set in the Baltic Sea.

The Kern research vessel commenced the project in the Arctic, in the Barents and Kara Seas. The Kern multifunctional vessel is built to conduct a set of engineering surveys, it is equipped with a full set of equipment for acoustic profiling, side-scan sonar, Multi-beam echo-sounder survey, magnetic measurements, soil sampling and hydrometeorological studies.

The Bavenit research vessel is sent in order to mobilize and get prepared for operation in the Kara Sea. The vessel is equipped for drilling operations and geotechnical studies in engineering and geological wells up to 500 m deep at a water depth of 1000 m, and it also is able to take samples of bottom soils at a sea depth of 1500 m.


Arctic marine engineering geological expeditions (AMIGE) is an enterprise for comprehensive study of the Arctic shelf, adjacent land and islands, and also other seas of Russia and foreign countries. AMIGE fleet consists of 3 modern specialized vessels, two of which are made for engineering-geological drilling and geotechnical works, and the third for geophysical exploration. Besides, the enterprise has floating facilities for engineering surveys in the shallow water zone.