Rosgeo takes part in the work of 117 Intergovernmental Committees

 Evgeny Tatarintsev, the Deputy Director of the International Economic Activity Department of Rosgeo, JSC, spoke at the Council’s meeting for international cooperation in the field of geology and subsoil use of the RF Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

"The parent company extensively uses the participation in meetings of intergovernmental committees and working groups in its work on the development of international cooperation. This is quite an effective way to make contacts and develop relations, which serves the interests of Russian business," said E. Tatarintsev.

Rosgeo’s representatives have taken part in the work of 117 Intergovernmental Committees since 2016. This entailed the company’s conclusion of more than 100 cooperation agreements and memorandums of understanding with government agencies and agencies of the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America since 2017. These documents are not commercial or legally binding. However, the role of these documents in the further development of the parent company’s cooperation with foreign customers, the majority of which are government agencies and administration, cannot be overestimated. These documents are often given governmental, ministerial or other regulatory status, which significantly facilitates and speeds up the transfer to commercial relations and allows to prevent the participation in tender or competitive procedures.

The parent company believes that the main problem of using the Intergovernmental Committees in its work is that representatives of the respective ministries of foreign countries sometimes don’t attend the committee meetings. It would better to engage them in this work in a more efficient way, and to arrange special working groups in the field of geology and subsoil use as a part of the Intergovernmental Committees (in a similar way to the Russian-Algerian cooperation).

In addition, new financial instruments and incentives would greatly contribute to the development of international cooperation in the field of subsoil use. In particular, Rosgeo proposes to attract Russian banks with a majority share of state participation for funding the works on geology and subsoil use in foreign countries, which are financed through concessional lending.


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Rosgeo is a Russian multi-industry geological parent company, which renders a full range of services related to geological exploration, i.e. from areal studies to stratigraphy and subsoil monitoring. The parent company has distinctive competencies, in particular, in the field of marine geology and offshore operations. Rosgeo was founded according to RF President’s Decree No. 957 of July 15, 2011 based upon one of the oldest exploration companies in Russia – Tsentrgeologiya.

The parent company’s enterprises operate in all eight Federal Districts of Russia.