Science and engineering board

Composition of the Science and Engineering Council of JSC Rosgeologia

Science and Engineering Council of JSC ROSGEO is a permanent collegial advisory body. Its main activity is development of the holding’s strategic framework to ensure the leading position of the company in the industry. The key objective of the Council is development of the innovation, science and technology policy of JSC ROSGEO which will ensure execution of state orders in relation to geological study of Russia’s territory and its continental shelf, as well as exploration with the aim of discovering new deposits and refilling unallocated subsoil reserve fund at a high technological level.

Furthermore, the Council is focused on increased participation of JSC ROSGEO in the domestic and external markets of geological survey, ensuring the leading position of the holding in the field of identifying, exploration, and industrial development of technogenic deposits, as well as developing recommendations on technical modernization of the holding's subsidiaries. Meetings of the Council are regularly held at least 4 times a year.