As an independent entity (Federal State Unitary Research and Production Enterprise for Marine Exploration), Sevmorgeo was established in 1991. It was a successor to the VNIIOkeanologia Engineering Centre. In 2012, the enterprise was restructured into an open joint-stock company.

Originally, the enterprise’s tasks were limited to the development of technical means to perform exploratory research in deep areas of the World Ocean. In 1993, the company also began to conduct global market researches in order to introduce most advanced technologies in geological and geophysical surveying. Sevmorgeo’s lines of activities have significantly expanded and, as of today, include not only the development of new equipment and technical units, but also new techniques and methods of their application, as well as their practical use in exploration. The enterprise performs its activities in the World Ocean, on the continental shelf, and in transit zones.

It specializes in regional geophysical shelf surveys to identify general mineral potential of the Arctic waters, detailed seismic works in shallow marine areas aimed at defining oil and gas targets, exploration for solid minerals in deep water areas of the World Ocean and on the continental shelf, and comprehensive geoenvironmental studies.

The company participates in large-scale Russian and international projects, including the federal programme for determining the outer limits of the Russian continental shelf in the Arctic Ocean, the all-Russian programme of ‘Mineral Resources of the World Ocean, the Arctic, and the Antarctic’, the programme for studying the country’s deep structure using the regional geotraverse system, and many others.

The Sevmorgeo’s specialists have designed the unique technical means and equipment, including the Rift system and the ocean drilling rig that helped to discover and collect samples from the rich deposit of deep water sulphide ores in the Atlantic Ocean, the Granitsa seismic system that allowed to survey the Earth crust to a depth of 40 km, and many others. The list of the sci-tech equipment units created by the company’s team includes over 40 items. The company’s main customer is the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation. Gazprom and other Russian oil companies, the China Geological Survey, and many others are also among the enterprise’s customers.

Sevmorgeo’s specialists have conducted an analytical survey in shallow marine areas to define their oil and gas potential and developed recommendations on their study and exploration. Preliminary project design was drawn up for sea exploration, providing for the use of ’non-seismic’ methods to estimate hydrocarbon reserves and resources within the priority areas of the Barents Sea prepared for deep drilling. The Environmental Monitoring Concept was developed to monitor the geological environment at the Russian Arctic shelf.

In 2000s, Sevmorgeo started developing geological and geophysical techniques for a complete technological cycle of works on marine mineral deposits, ranging from forecasting, exploration, and evaluation of resources to geotechnical preparation for the development and geoenvironmental monitoring.

Today, Sevmorgeo is the only organization in St Petersburg that can provide a full range of marine geotechnical surveys at the engineering and construction sites of port facilities, identify the areas to establish underground gas storages, and perform underwater exploration for clusters of ferromanganese concretions. The company is involved in exploration for areas of fresh and ultra-fresh water discharge within the Gulf of Finland – Neva – Ladoga system, determining seismic hazards for agglomeration and nuclear power facilities, as well as searching for ships, explosives, and toxic military items sunken to the bottom of water bodies.

Types of activities: 
  • Design, development, and implementation of new geological and geophysical techniques for regional and detailed research, forecasting, prospecting, and exploration for hydrocarbon and mineral reserves and resources on the continental shelf and in the World Ocean
  • Integrated geophysical studies to investigate the deep structure and evaluate the hydrocarbon potential of the Arctic shelf
  • Marine gravity and magnetic exploration for oil and gas using company’s own geophysical equipment
  • Geophysical surveys
  • Airborne geophysical surveys
  • Deep-sea geophysical surveys using both tow and autonomous manned submersibles
  • Hydrographic and navigation support to geophysical surveys
  • Seismic exploration in transit zones
  • Geotechnical surveying for the purposes of building coastal, above-water, and underwater shelf constructions
  • Geological environment monitoring of north-western waters of the Russian Federation (the shelf at the Federal polygon network in the Barents, Baltic, and White Seas)
  • Information and analytical support to the continental shelf exploration
  • Design and creation of computerized geophysical information systems and software systems for data processing and interpretation


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