Springs quality improvement project, implemented with Rosgeo’s support, was included into the National Silver Archer Award shortlist

The Springs of the Leningrad Region project was implemented by the editors of Komsomolskaya Pravda in St. Petersburg and Community of St. Petersburg bloggers with the support of AO Severo-Zapadnoye PGO (the company is a part of Rosgeo state parent company, St. Petersburg), and was included in the National Silver Archer Award shortlist.

Bloggers and journalists researched and mapped the springs in villages and settlements, and the quality of water was assessed by Rosgeo’s experts. As a result, it was possible not only to update the Leningrad Region’s spring map, but also to draw public attention to a socially important problem.

The project is interactive; everyone can take part in it and mark a relevant on the map available on a special website. The expedition of bloggers and journalists visits the site and takes water samples. After that the samples are sent for analysis to AO Severo-Zapadnoye PGO’s laboratory. All results are public. Currently, more than 100 samples have been taken, springs in villages and settlements have been researched, and the spring map of the region has been updated.

Currently, state authorities pay special attention to the quality of resources used for the water supply of the population. Under the RF President Vladimir Putin decree of May On the national goals and strategic objectives of the development of Russia for the period until 2024, the entire population of Russia must be supplied with good quality drinking water.

The project implemented with Rosgeo’s support not only contributes to this goal achievement, but also serves to attract public attention to this socially important problem.

Springs of the Leningrad Region were included in the Silver Archer National Award shortlist in the field of public relations (The Best in the Field of Corporate Social Responsibility nomination). The ceremony of awarding the laureates will be held on February 20 and 21 in the RF Public Chamber.

Silver Archer is a national award in the field of public relations. It was created in 1997 by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia, the Union of Journalists and the Russian Association for Public Relations. Over the years, more than 4,500 projects have been presented at the contest.


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