Well drilling for different purposes


Some Rosgeologia enterprises design, build, test and abandon any types of wells:

  • Well design. Development of design and estimate documentation;
  • Drilling of parametric and super-deep wells;
  • Prospecting and exploration drilling for oil and gas;
  • Drilling for solid mineral resources;
  • Core sampling;
  • Open hole and production string tests;
  • Geological and engineering surveying of wells;
  • Geophysical surveying of wells;
  • Examination of core and fluids;
  • Integrated processing of research materials;
  • Data compilation and analysis;
  • Drilling and servicing of artesian wells for drinking and technical water supply;
  • Drilling as part of engineering and geological survey for construction purposes, including well drilling in permafrost conditions;
  • Servicing and restoration, monitoring and abandonment of hazardous wells;
  • Management and control of drilling projects.

Rosgeologia R&D and manufacturing subdivisions, such as SIC Nedra, Tula NIGP and others, produce their own diamond and carbide tools for drilling and drilling equipment, develop original technologies of well drilling and exploration, drilling fluids and information systems for support of drilling operations.

Prospecting and exploration drilling for oil and gas

Rosgeologia has discovered several dozens of oil and gas fields. 12 oil fields have been discovered in the Kaliningrad Region, 22 - in the Ulyanovsk Region and neighboring regions. Also, oil and gas fields have been discovered in the Komi Republic, the Nenets and Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Districts.

Super-deep parametric drilling Unique projects

Since the 1980s, JSC SIC Nedra is Rosgeologia’s flagship company on super-deep drilling. It has been the leader in drilling super-deep wells within the framework of the relevant All-Union Scientific and Technical Program. JSC SIC Nedra conducted drilling and surveying of numerous deep and super-deep wells on the East Siberian and West Siberian platforms, the Baltic and Ukrainian crystalline shields, the Urals and Caucasus fold regions, the Caspian Depression and the Timan-Pechora sedimentary basin.

Kolskaya SG-3
12 262
world drilling depth record
Tyumenskaya SG-6
7 502
En-Yakhinskaya SG-7
8 250