Work with Students

The ROSGEO holding company pays priority attention to the human resource development in the geological industry of Russia.

An important component of the work in this area is interaction with 42 specialized educational institutions of various levels. The cooperation implies the development of special courses and training programs, targeted training of young professionals in educational organizations, the conduct of on-the-job training on the basis of the holding company’s organizations, cooperation in research sphere and much more.

As the first step for building a career in the industry, ROSGEO enables the students to undertake the internship and pre-graduation practices where they can support their theoretical knowledge in the speciality with the practical skills obtained in real-life industrial conditions, try their hand and expand their knowledge about their future profession. The obtained experience may become the basis for term paper or graduation thesis (project). For the internship period, an experienced tutor is assigned to each student. He will assist in adapting at the workplace.

The students who are well-reputed over this time will be invited to join the holding company staff.

Everything depends on you! We are building a dream company and suggest you to grow with it! The Russian geological exploration industry is waiting for young, ambitious and talented specialists!

How can one become a candidate for undergoing internship in the holding company’s organizations?

Familiarize yourself with information about planned provision of educational organization students with places for the internship.

Fill in the questionnaire on the site and e-mail it to the selected organization, writing in the letter subject “Questionnaire of an internship candidate”.

We will analyze the questionnaire and if you pass the selection procedure successfully, then we will invite you to undergo the internship.