The Yuzhgeologia geological enterprise, established in 1948, is the largest exploration company in the Southern Federal District which specializes in a number of fields. The main line of Yuzhgeologia’s activities is regional surveying and prospecting for all types of minerals on the territory of the Rostov Region. The company also performs geological environment monitoring.

Currently, Yuzhgeologia is actively involved in exploration for deposits of solid and construction minerals and groundwater sources, as well as other exploration works financed from the federal, regional, and municipal budgets. It also constructs wells of various types and purposes on a contractual basis.

Yuzhgeologia includes the Nesvetaevskaya Exploration Expedition.

Company’s strengths:

  • Highly skilled specialists, great potential, and vast experience accumulated over the years
  • Upgraded technical equipment
  • Reliable information and computer basis
  • Modern regional laboratory centre
  • State-of-the-art methods and developments
  • Close liaison with major scientific and research geological institutions of Russia
Types of activities: 
  • Prospecting and exploration for mineral deposits, estimation and approval of reserves and resources of various categories, drawing up document packages to obtain licences for the development of deposits, including coal and construction mineral deposits
  • Geological surveys (1:200,000, 1:50,000, and other scales)
  • Prospecting for drinking and processing water with the estimation of reserves
  • Drilling for solid minerals and servicing holes
  • Drilling, servicing, and repair of development water wells for various localities, enterprises, and private households
  • Topographic and geodetic works
  • Geological environment monitoring, including exogenous geological processes and groundwater;
  • Environmental monitoring, including air, subsoil, groundwater, surface waters, and aeration zones aimed at timely identification of pollution and other qualitative changes
  • Geophysical surveying of boreholes (GIS)
  • Comprehensive laboratory research
  • Repair and production of drilling equipment and tools
  • Geophysical surveying of boreholes


26B Zoologicheskaya Street, Rostov-on-Don, Russia 344039


Tel.: +7 (863) 232 02 85
Fax: +7 (863) 291 19 29