The history of the Zapsibgeolsyomka dates back to 1956, when the Kuzbass Geological and Hydrogeological Expedition was formed to focus on geological surveying and exploration, as well as prospecting for mineral deposits in the south of Western Siberia. In 2012, the enterprise was restructured into an open joint-stock company.

Currently, Zapsibgeolsyomka is a region’s leader in prospecting and evaluation of various mineral deposits, hydrogeological and environmental surveying, and geological monitoring.

The priority line of company’s activities is exploration at the Kuzbass mining enterprises aimed at incrementing reserves and resources of coal, the main and most important mineral of the region. Alongside coal exploration, Zapsibgeolsyomka performs prospecting and exploration for a wide range of minerals, including gold, iron, manganese, vanadium, aluminium, polymetals, chrome, and nonmetallic minerals. It also carries out hydrogeological surveys.

The enterprise employs specialists with a good knowledge of the regional geology of Kuznetsk Alatau, Salair, Gornaya Shoria, and Gorny Altai and vast experience in regional geological and mineragenic surveys to any scale. Experienced and highly skilled geotechnicians ensure the high quality of geological operations. Currently, the company comprises of five prospecting parties, one geological survey laboratory, and the regional computer centre.
Zapsibgeolsyomka participates in various international and industry-specific conferences, including the congresses in Brasil (2002), Canada (2004), and France (2005) where the company’s director Alexander Metzner was awarded the SPI gold medal (French Industry Promotion Association).

As of today, the enterprise has sufficient technical and intellectual potential and experience to perform comprehensive exploration works, ranging from the development of project and estimate documents to the approval of reserves and resources at the State Reserves Committee (GKZ).

Types of activities: 
  • Regional surveying, prospecting, evaluation, and exploration for solid minerals
  • Full range of prospecting and exploration works and preparation of coal deposits for the development
  • Geological and mineragenic surveys to various scales
  • Hydrogeological surveys
  • Geological environment monitoring at operating enterprises
  • Surface geophysical surveys (magnetic and electrical methods)
  • Geophysical and hydrogeological borehole surveys
  • Geochemical prospecting and specific works
  • Geoenvironmental, environmental, and geochemical surveys
  • Topographic surveys
  • Core drilling of various purposes with a diameter of 59 to 245 mm to a depth of up to 2,000 m
  • Drilling of observation, exploratory, and development water wells
  • Establishing a network of observation wells to monitor groundwater at operating, suspended, and abandoned mining plants, sludge tanks, settling ponds, and other hydrotechnical constructions
  • Preparation of rock and construction mineral samples for various assays (crushing, grinding, and splitting) performed with the RETSCH equipment
  • Mineralogical analyses and petrographic studies
  • Rough quantitative spectral assaying of rocks and ores for 44 elements
  • Laboratory research
  • Developing digital cartographic models
  • Desktop publishing and publishing of maps


Shkolnaya Street, Elan village, Novokuznetsk District, Kemerovo Region, 654219, Russia


Tel. /Fax: +7 (3843) 55 36 85; +7 (3843) 37 29 29