“Rosgeo” has completed the stage of field works on native diamonds in the Arctic Zone of Karelia

Geologists of JSC "Severo-Zapadnoye PGO" (Saint-Petersburg, the company is a part of state parent company “Rosgeo”) have completed a stage of field works in compliance with the concluded contract on the search of native diamonds in the Loukhsky Region of the Republic of Karelia (Zarechensko-Sokoloozerskaya area – 2,654 km2).


Rosgeo to study the Komsomolskaya area in the Khabarovsk Territory prospective for gold and tin rare metal mineralization

JSC Central Production Geological Association set about the 1:200000 scale geochemical survey in the Komsomolskaya area (sheets M-53-XVIII, M-54-XIX, XXV). The relevant contract was made with the company following the open tender held by the customer, Federal State Budgetary Institution Institute of Mineralogy, Geochemistry and Crystal Chemistry of Rare Elements


Rosgeo to locate super-deep drilling sites in the Volga-Ural oil and gas province

Rosgeo is to perform regional seismic exploration operations in the juncture of the Pre-Ural foredeep south end and Ural fold system in order to validate parametric well locations. The relevant state contract was made between the holding and the Department for Subsoil Use for the Volga Federal District.


Rosgeo comes up with Algeria resource base development program

JSC “Zarubezhgeologiya” (Moscow, a member of Rosgeo state holding) finished the elaboration of the medium-term program for development of solid minerals resource base in the South and South-West provinces of Algeria. The work was done under the contract of April 2017 with the National Agency of Mining Industry of Algeria (ANAM).


“Rosgeo’s” Volgograd Company has completed 6 seismic exploration projects

JSC "Volgogradneftegeofizika" (the Company is part of “Rosgeo” state parent company) completed 6 seismic projects by the end of II quarter. Additionally, field works were completed under four contracts, documentation on 2 new areas was developed, 12 wells under drilling and 66 operating wells were explored.


“Rosgeo” explores an insufficiently explored area of the Volga-Ural oil and gas province

“Rosgeo” will perform complex geological and geophysical exploration in the Northern part Mrakovskaya depression and adjacent territories of Salmyshskaya basin and East-Orenburg elevation.


“Rosgeo” explores an insufficiently explored part of the Timan-Pechora province

“Rosgeo” will conduct regional seismic work according to 31-RS profile (in the following line: Timanian ridge – the southern part of the Izhma-Pechora syneclise – Verkhnepechora depression – Srednepechora transverse uplift – the Western Ural fold-thrust area).


“Rosgeo” explores the territory prospective for the availability of hydrocarbons in the Laptev Sea

“Rosgeo” will conduct comprehensive regional geophysical surveys in the junction area of Taimyr-Severozemelsky fold system with the Laptev marginal continental plate, and within the adjacent continental slope of the Arctic Ocean.


Rosgeo studies the oil and gas potential of the western part of the Bering Sea

Rosgeo will study the geological structure of the slop-deep Komandorski and Aleutian sedimentary basins in the western part of the Bering Sea in order to assess the prospects of their oil and gas potential.


Rosgeo assesses cobalt resources from the Magellan Mountains of the Pacific Ocean

Rosgeo will conduct geological exploration of the evaluation stage with regard to cobalt-rich manganese crusts (hereinafter referred to as “CMC”) at the site of the Russian exploration area within the Magellan Mountains of the Pacific Ocean.


Roman Panov visited the Irkutsk region

Within the framework of the work-related trip to Baikalsk, Roman Panov, the General Director and the Chairman of the Board of JSC "Rosgeo" together with Sergey Levchenko, the Governor of the Irkutsk region held a meeting on the waste elimination accumulated as a result of the Baikal pulp and paper plant’s operations (BTsBK).


Rosgeo set about electrical survey in the Novokubalakh hydrocarbon-prospective area in Taimyr

JSC “Yuzhmorgeologiya” (Gelendzhik, a member of Rosgeo state holding) proceeded to electrical MST survey in the Novokubalakh area. To date, the conducted survey covers 352 linear km.