Rosgeo Completes Continental Field Work in Antarctica

JSC Polar Marine Prospecting Expedition (St.-Petersburg, part of the state-owned Rosgeo Holding) has successfully completed continental field work in Antarctica, carried out as a part of the 64th Russian Antarctic expedition (RAE).​



      The State Commission for Reserves (SCR) of the Agency for Subsoil Use (Rosnedra) has returned an affirmative opinion for the report on estimated reserves of rare-earth metal sources at the Chuktukon world class deposit.


Rosgeo proceeds with exploration of the Gitche-Tyrnyauz gold-promising area in Kabardino-Balkaria

JSC North-Caucasian PGO (Essentuki, a member of Rosgeo state holding) obtained all the necessary approvals for the project of the Gitche-Tyrnyauz ore field exploration.​


Solid minerals exploration works carried out in the Sudan are discussed at the SIMFE-2019 Forum

AO Rosgeo’s delegation participates in the 4th international mining exhibition and SIMFE-2019 Forum, held in Khartoum (Republic of the Sudan) from February 18 to 20, 2019.


Rosgeo compiled a geological and metallogenic map of the Sudan

AO Zarubezhgeologiya (city of Moscow, the company is a part of Rosgeo state parent company) completed the last stage of works in compliance with the contract for compilation of geological and metallogenic map of the Republic of the Sudan of 1:1 000 000 scale.


Rosgeo assesses drinking water supply for the city of Smolensk

AO Tsentralnoye PGO’s specialists (Moscow, the company is a part of Rosgeo state parent company) assessed the drinking underground water supply in the subsoil of Gorvodokanal Smolensk Municipal Unitary Enterprise.


Rosgeo analyzed the mineral reserve base of Algeria

AO Zarubezhgeologiya (Moscow, the company is a part of Rosgeo state parent company) has completed the thematic work on drawing up the state program of the solid mineral reserve base development in the south and south-west of Algeria.​


Rosgeo confirms the kaolin prospects of the the Koskolskaya area in the Orenburg Region

JSC Votemiro Company (Orenburg Region, a member of Rosgeo state holding) successfully completed all the research activities scheduled for 2018 in the Koskolskaya area.​


Rosgeo: the exploration of inter-salt hydrocarbon deposit potential is very high in Russia

"Salt-dome areas should be purposefully studied in Russia in order to conduct the prospecting and exploration of inter-salt hydrocarbon deposits," said Victor Groshev, the candidate of geological and mineralogical sciences, the expert of the Seismic Data Interpretation Department of AO Tsentralnaya geofizicheskaya expeditsiya (CGE, Moscow, the company is a part of Rosgeo state parent company), at the international geological and geophysical conference "Modern technologies for Eurasian subsoil study and development" (GeoEurasia-2019).


Springs quality improvement project, implemented with Rosgeo’s support, was included into the National Silver Archer Award shortlist

The Springs of the Leningrad Region project was implemented by the editors of Komsomolskaya Pravda in St. Petersburg and Community of St. Petersburg bloggers with the support of AO Severo-Zapadnoye PGO (the company is a part of Rosgeo state parent company, St. Petersburg), and was included in the National Silver Archer Award shortlist.


IRKUTSK, February 7. /TASS/.

Rosgeo plans to present the public an adjusted project on the Baikal pulp and paper mill’s (BTsBK) waste disposal in May this year.      


Engineering studies have been completed. The results of the Baikal pulp and paper mills’s waste are being processed.

Artem Poltavsky, the Director of AO Rosgeo’s Environmental Projects Department, informed of the above the senators and deputies who visited the storage pits of the Baikal pulp and paper mill during the Assembly’s offsite meeting of the Irkutsk Region in the city of Baikalsk.