"Today, the issue of sustainable water supply is pending not only in Gelendzhik, but also in other seaside resort towns in the south of Russia, and we are ready to help in its resolution, leveraging the expertise of our personnel” - said Sergey Gorkov, Director General - Chairman of the Board of RosGeo. - The works in Gelendzhik are progressing well, three test well have been already drilled and produced the water inflow. We have identified the location points for drilling the operating wells in the floodplains of the Aderba and Mezyb rivers".

"There is no more important issue than the water supply for the city, and we look forward to the help of RosGeo. Gelendzhik is on the verge of a new development stage: construction of large-scale infrastructure facilities of the resort is underway, but with no water the effect of their appearance would be equal to zero”, - said Alexey Bogodistov, Head of Gelendzhik municipality. - The residential construction has been suspended in the city for two years, since to connect new houses to the old systems and currently available water volumes means only to exacerbate the already complicated situation with the water supply."

At the first stage the specialists of Yuzhmorgeologiya analyzed the archival and library materials, identified the sites promising in terms of fresh water prospecting. Then, electrical exploration was carried out in these sites, which allowed to locate the promising fields, where 3 test wells were drilled.

The well drilled in a fractured reservoir produced the mineralized water. Two test wells drilled in floodplains of the Aderba and Mezyb rivers indicated the flow rate of 700 and 500 cubic meters per day. According to the data of electrical exploration and test drilling the geologists laid down in this area the design drilling points for 22 operating wells.

In addition, the experts of RosGeo suggested to conduct a survey of existing operating wells at Divnomorskoe water intake that supplies the most water-scarce areas of Gelendzhik to increase the volume of the water produced. According to the results of the wells to be found in unsatisfactory conditions will be shutdown with simultaneous drilling of substitution wells. The geologists are also studying opportunities for commissioning of Pshad fresh water field to ensure the guaranteed water supply of Gelendzhik.


Rosgeo is a Russian multidisciplinary geological holding company which provides a full range of geological exploration services from regional surveys to stratigraphic drilling and subsoil monitoring. The holding company has unique expertise, including in such areas as marine geology and offshore operations. The holding company's enterprises have discovered more than 1,000 fields and deposits, including large hydrocarbon and mineral deposits. 100% of Rosgeo’s shares are held by the Russian government.