According to the Agreement RosGeo will locate on the premises of Skolkovo its R&D Center (research and development), to be established on the basis of the company's research and production cluster, which is based on industry institutes - centers of expertise in geological exploration technologies and geological sciences, operating in many regions of Russia.

“The synergy of high competencies of RosGeo scientific cluster, infrastructure and investment opportunities and services of Skolkovo Foundation will provide a good basis for development of innovative projects and technologies in geological exploration developed by the company, enable to receive a significant support for these technologies promotion in the Russian and international markets”, emphasized Sergey Gorkov, Director General - Chairman of RosGeo Governing Board.

The focal activity of Rosgeo R&D Center is development of new, primarily digital technologies for geology and geological exploration. A key enterprise of the research and production cluster, Central Geophysical Expedition (CGE), is a pioneer in digital geology and already has a significant scientific and practical groundwork in this area: a number of startups are already operating in Skolkovo innovation center, implementing projects, which basics were developed in CGE.

“Only in one cluster of information technologies of Skolkovo Foundation have been selected over 1100 technology companies, which developments can be used for digital transformation of both RosGeo itself and its clients. New business models for sustainable development of natural resources may emerge based on the huge amount of geophysical data and advanced technologies collected by RosGeo,” said Arkady Dvorkovich, Chairman of Skolkovo Foundation.

The parties plan to expand their partnership through the development of interaction with regional offices of Skolkovo in the cities where located the branch institutes of RosGeo: in St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Perm, Saratov.

In the framework of the cooperation of particular interest are the Fund's unique competencies in working with venture investors and investments, as well as practical knowledge in organizing actions to protect the results of intellectual activity.

In 2020, Skolkovo Foundation updated its policy on the principles of organizing partnerships, encouraging partners to integrate more into their ecosystem, and actively offering a set of services that allow all elements of the innovation ecosystem to effectively and productively interact: communities of scientists, technology start-ups, to investors. industrial companies, etc.


RosGeo is a Russian multi-disciplinary geological holding that carries out a full range of services related to geological exploration: from regional surveys to parametric drilling and monitoring of subsoil conditions. The holding company boasts a unique expertise, particularly in marine geology and shelf operations. A total of more than 1000 fields and deposits have been discovered by the holding’s companies, including major hydrocarbon and solid mineral deposits and fields. RosGeo is a fully state-owned company.